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Mother-Daughter Duo

Posted by The Edge Fitness Clubs on May 2, 2020

This Mother's Day, we're showcasing the incredible mom-daughter duo, Sam and Kim Stemm. Sam and her mom Kim are both group exercise instructors at The Edge Fitness Clubs in Christiana, DE. There passion for inspiring others goes without saying, but Sam's journey began all because of her mom. 

"When it comes to fitness, it seems like it has been in my blood for as long as I can remember. As a child, I have fond memories of waking up in the morning and following my mom downstairs to her makeshift workout room in our Long Island home to watch her exercise to 'The Firm' workout VHS tapes that filled our shelves.

I look back and truly admire the subconscious healthy habits that are now a part of my lifestyle as an adult. I saw her study for personal training tests, practice yoga under Swami Bua, train for certifications and practice her routines for group exercise classes for many hours as a young girl. All this unknowingly fed into my love of and enthusiasm for living a healthy lifestyle.

In our day-to-day lives now, my mom is a regular participant in most of my weekly group exercise classes, on top of her own classes that she teaches! She is such an inspiring ray of sunshine to all whom she meets, and a true free spirit. My mom is my biggest cheerleader & always encourages me to take risks & face the challenges that will always lie ahead. She is the reason that I get to share my passion with you all through the Edge Fitness Clubs & I couldn’t be more grateful! My love for you is infinite Mom!"

-Samantha Stemm, Group Exercise Instructor