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Michelle's Story- Mom of 5 and in the Best Shape of her Life!

Posted by The Edge Fitness Clubs on April 28, 2020

Michelle Nash is a mom of 5, full-time Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor at The Edge Fitness Clubs of Meriden, CT.  In honor of National Fitness Day on May 2nd, Michelle is sharing her story on how The Edge has changed her life for the better. 

"Fitness has always been part of my life.  There is nothing more rewarding than helping others, changing lives and seeing people reach their goals.  I began working at the Edge in 2014, and at the time I was 41 years old with 3 children. Before that, I previously owned a children’s recreational business, and was working part-time as a Personal Trainer at another small gym. 

When the Edge in Meriden opened, I was excited to be teaching at such a great company. I started off teaching Group Exercise classes, like Spinning and Total Body Conditioning.  I was in the best shape of my life at the time. Just a year later I got the news...I was pregnant with TWINS.  Yes TWINS. The shock, the 'I can’t do this', 'How am I going to do this?' set in.  

Once I got over the initial shock, I went back to my daily regimen and decided to continue teaching classes, exercising and following my passion for fitness.  Yes, I got up on that bike with my enormous belly and spun my heart out. I taught classes up through my 34 weeks of pregnancy, and gave birth to my girls at 43 weeks- they were both 7 lbs EACH. 

The beauty of it all was being able to bounce back more quickly in my 40s, staying active on a weekly basis, watching my nutrition and getting back physically after childbirth.  In addition to that, continuing to exercise and teach helped with my mental health. That one hour of exercise and me-time helped me be a better mother for my children. 

After I gave birth to my twins and returned to work, I decided to dive in and become a full-time personal trainer and group exercise instructor, which had been my passion. I realized how many people I was helping just by showing life doesn’t stop.  My 18 year old is now a certified Spinning instructor at the University of Vermont, so the trickle down effect and setting the example for my family has been amazing. 

Being a personal trainer and with my experiences, I can help our members with their own fitness journey. It’s rewarding at the end of the day to go home and realize you’ve helped someone in some way! The Edge Fitness Club has changed my life! 

I am now 48 years old with 5 kids: 21, 18, 7, and 4 year old twins.  I’m telling you YES YOU CAN and it is possible!"