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Keeping Your Cool During COVID-19

Posted by Jenn Kuehn on March 20, 2020

Quarantine yourself from bad habits.

By now we’ve all settled into the reality that we are going to be spending copious amounts of time at home. Binge watching TV and movies might sound like a great idea, but remember all things in moderation.

Your perspective drives your performance and in situations like this. Our attitude is the key! Do what you can with what you have.

Here are some tips to stay on track with your goals during this quarantine.

1. Sweet Dreams. First things first, get to bed on time and get up early to start your day. Keeping your routine sleep schedule will help you stay on track with your regular routine.

2. Working from home? Or finishing your semester online? Consider treating your “work from home” sabbatical as though you were going into the office or classroom. Keep, but modify your morning routine, shower, breakfast and rock your BEST outfit! These simple tricks will help get YOU in the right mindset to take on and crush your day.

3. Sweat is sweet. Get your sweat on! Trust me we all are mourning going to The Edge Fitness Clubs, but just because we can’t physically get to the club doesn’t mean we can’t jump in on the live workouts via Facebook or Instagram. Stay connected with your gym friends and get your workout in. Rule of thumb… sweat once a day and your mind and body will thank you! Can't make the live workouts? Head to The Edge app, click on the workout tile, and try one of our 7 "at-home" workout templates or create your own!

4. Set some goals. Being at home all day can easily make us distracted and before we know it, we’ve spent the last hour surfing Facebook and Instagram learning about who has toilet paper and who doesn’t. Write out your goals for the day and week. What do you want or need to accomplish? Keep it simple. How about clean and organize one drawer a day? Think about donating unwanted/needed clothes to your local charity or church. Jenn tip – if you have not worn or used it in a year, you do not need it. 😊

5. Read a book. Pick a book and commit to 10 pages a day. Take the time to start something and stick to finishing it!

6. Vision board. Grab a book and some magazines, cut out inspiring pictures and words, and then paste them (yes, physically paste them) on a board. Start visualizing and planning the life YOU want. This is a great family activity where everyone can come together to plan the future.

7. Chores around the house. When else will you have extra time to do some yard work, organize the attic, clean out your closets, or even start a garden!? Use this time to enhance your surroundings at home.

8. Cook. Dust off the recipe book and prepare something you’ve never had.

9. Walk. Get outside and walk. Now is the best time to slow down and just walk. Keep in simple, make getting outside once or twice a day a part of your new routine.

10. Learn to do something new or different. As we say in our workout classes, embrace the uncertainty, the unfamiliar and the unknown with confidence. Use this time to learn a new skill or take up a new hobby. Your confident attitude will be the one aspect that makes this obstacle a true opportunity!

Let's evolve into our best selves and remember we’re all in this together. #EdgeStrongTogether