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Jumpstart Your Weight Loss with The Edge Challenge

Posted by The Edge Fitness Clubs on January 5, 2019

Slow and steady wins the race, but fast and furious often helps kickstart the process.

That’s the appeal behind fitness challenges.

You may have heard of 30-day squats or the Summer Abs Challenge. These fitness challenges offer a simple premise. For a limited number of days you commit to a strict nutrition and workout plan. Sticking to a regimented diet and exercise routine for a short duration can be super motivating and put your goals within reach.

The Edge Challenge

The Edge Challenge is an 8-week weight loss contest designed to provide lasting results. Consisting of one-on-one personal training, tailored nutritional programs, and team training; our members will achieve their fitness goals ultimately helping them find their Edge in life.

There’s a reason celebrities like Kate Hudson and Jessica Alba swear by fitness challenges to see results fast. In addition to looking and feeling better after the challenge, there’s also the following benefits.

Visible results

Complete 30 days sans sugar or eating plant-based for two months and you will see results. It’s amazing how much your body and mind can change in a short amount of time with drastic measures. Seeing these results motivates you to keep going with your goals.

Tangible goals

You probably have a real goal that you’d like to achieve. Maybe it’s sweating for the wedding, and dropping a dress size before your BFFs nuptials, or maybe you want to fit in that bathing suit before your upcoming cruise. Fitness challenges allow you to set real, tangible goals and then measure your success.

The Edge Challenge 1

It’s short enough to keep you engaged

None of us want to envision a lifetime without carbohydrates or a year of daily burpees. Having a short-term goal makes it more likely that you’ll stick with your plan and in turn, reach your goal.


When you sign up for a fitness challenge, you sign up for some serious accountability. The Edge Challenge provides you with personal trainers, nutrition experts, and a great community of like-minded enthusiasts who will help keep you going. After all, we’re all in this together!

Find a fitness challenge

Choosing a fitness challenge can be tough. Make sure to choose one where nutrition and fitness experts are available to help you. Look for one that has proven results and success stories from other individuals.

A short-term fitness challenge is a great jumping off point to get you toward a healthier, happier body and weight. A good program will inspire you to keep up your healthy habits even after the challenge is over. You’ll walk away from a challenge with a leaner physique, increased confidence, and a group of friends who survived the challenge with you!


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