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How Our Members Are Staying Active During Quarantine

Posted by The Edge Fitness Clubs on March 27, 2020

As we've mentioned in previous blog posts, regular exercise is essential for supporting healthy immune function, preventing weight gain, boosting your mood, and keeping you overall healthy. This is important especially during this global pandemic. Here's how some of our members are maintaining their physical health while isolating at home.

“I have recently gotten back into working out. I was really loving the classes The Edge offered! Once I found out the gyms we’re closing, I was a little devastated. The Edge has become family. I know it’s important to keep moving, especially because I work a desk job and now that I am working from home it feels like it is harder to get my steps in and my heart rate up. I have found ways to weave fitness into my daily schedule. My Apple Watch has been super helpful in keeping me motivated. Every hour I make sure to get up to reach my “stand goal” as well as move around – whether that be running up and down the stairs, jogging in place, or doing some lunges – I try to do something to get my heart rate up every hour. I also try to dedicate 30 minutes to an hour strictly to a workout, whether that be going on a run in my neighborhood or doing one of The Edge live classes on social media – which have been amazing! I also have two dogs who keep me moving, we take them for daily walks and have been mixing up our scenery by visiting different hiking trails or going to the beach!”

- Karen, The Edge Fitness Clubs Stratford 

"Hello! I am twenty five years old and I currently live in Warwick, Rhode Island! I have been with The Edge family since the gym opened up here around the holidays. I truly cannot express the love and passion I have gained for going to the gym. The Edge makes me feel like I am part of a community; a community that cares about the well being of their citizens. The Edge makes me feel comfortable and I never feel like I am being judged by others when working out! Up until the chaos of the COVID-19 frenzy I was in the gym at least 3-4 times a week. This was to offset the days that I am at physical therapy where I am currently working on strengthening a shoulder injury due to a car accident in 2018 (I know it has been a long hall).

As the chaos began, my first thought was when are the gyms going to close? And second, when will physical therapy have to stop? Both of my worst nightmares came true. However, because you guys came together and created a platform utilizing social media you have brought my favorite classes to my home! This has allowed me to continue working on strengthening my shoulder, stay in shape, and continue to reach my goals.

So you ask what do I do to keep moving? Well, for starters I HOP ON THOSE LIVE CLASSES!! I am so grateful to have the opportunity to hop on even if it is for 10-15 minutes - to me that is better than nothing at all. Second, any day that the sun is shining you best believe my butt is outside walking around my neighborhood getting my blood flowing!

Finally, I just want to say thank you for all you have done and continue to do for us as your clients! Keep up the good work, you are keeping a lot of us sane during this crazy time!”

- Danielle, The Edge Fitness Clubs Warwick

“I have dusted off the treadmill and have been getting my 2 mile run in 3-4 days a week! I’ve also been doing daily crunches using the fitness ball and of course daily walks with my boy Dozer!”

-Nanda, The Edge Fitness Clubs Trumbull

“Let me first say, I have never been a fan of the gym...mainly just not a fan of the atmosphere at most gyms. In my glory days I never needed the gym so it was a perfect match! Over the years my husband has been wanting me to workout with him and let’s just say again...the gym did not interest me.

Along came The Edge and I finally felt, okay NOW we can work out together.

The Edge is more than what I called the gym and for that I am grateful! The moment the Edge closed due to COVID-19, we went online and ordered a set of resistance bands on Amazon, dug out the dusty box of sliders, and grabbed a couple of dumbbells from Dicks Sporting Goods! My motivation came from wanting to keep up with Maribel in the Les Mills Body Pump class when this is all over and the gym opens again, so...I need to keep moving!

The live virtual workouts from The Edge have been my saving grace! I started posting which workouts I complete on my Instagram page to help others :)

@CoachMugnaini (I coach cheerleading :)"

-Teri, Edge Member

“To stay active I am trying to mix it up everyday, but stick to the class schedule I used to follow at The Edge. On Monday I did an online muscle toning class just like body pump. Wednesday, I moved a large pile of wood from the front yard to the back yard, similar to body pump - lots of upper and lower body movements. I did a Cardio Dance class in place of Zumba. I have been hitting the tennis ball using a tennis trainer and most importantly walking every day, weather permitted, just to get fresh air and stay positive.”

-Kris, The Edge Fitness Clubs Media

“I signed up for the Voorhees Edge in the beginning of March, although my gym hadn’t opened yet, I was utilizing the other New Jersey Edge Fitness Clubs. When New Jersey mandated that the gyms shut down due to the pandemic, I freaked out. I didn’t know what I would do. I am trying to lose weight and get fit; when that happened, I felt I was being sabotaged. I took a step back. I have the outside I hate walking but I thought what if I make it like a Zumba class walk. Well I do a walk but I’m also using the Zumba dancing as well and I go right down the street to the Voorhees town center doing this walk (one mile) and I do my Zumba walk outside. I use the steps to do squats on and I dance in side step (like my Zumba instructor on Sunday does) in between the pillars in the front of the mall. I know I look like a fool (people smile at me sometimes) but I’m having fun and breaking a sweat! So that’s what I do. I use what I learned I enjoy.

I wouldn’t have known how much I actually like to work out until I started going to The Edge. I love the Rhythm Ride Spin classes and Zumba. I can’t wait for the gyms to open again to try a regular spin class. I really love The Edge Fitness Clubs! The short time I got to be in there I was excited and motivated.”

- Katherine, Edge Voorhees Member

“10 years ago, I lost 100 pounds and kept it off but never really got in shape – I was only doing cardio.

In November when The Edge Fitness Clubs opened in Warwick, I decided to join and it was the best choice I made! I started doing the SGT class when they started offering it in December and in 9 weeks of doing 2 classes a week and no cardio(besides Zumba sometimes) I went down 1-2 dress sizes and lost 3% body fat! I had a goal of doing some modeling and I was able to start an Instagram and Facebook page in February and now.... this! In light of recent events, all the gyms closed!

So before I knew The Edge would be doing classes online, I started doing research and found a couple channels with great workouts…although I DETEST working out at home, I have to keep it up and can’t wait to get back to the gym!

Thank you!"

- Amanda, The Edge Fitness Clubs Warwick

dog lucy

“To keep moving, while at home, I’ve been cleaning which consists of a lot of bending down. I also do body squats – I put books under my feet to keep my heels from rising (since I don’t have dumbbells). Then I pick up something that has some weight to it to do weighted body squats. My dog Lucy also makes sure I take her for walks and I sometimes go to a park, which has the socially-distant spacing.

I miss The Edge Fitness Clubs though, like so many!”

-Dan, The Edge Fitness Clubs St. Peters




“Hi my name is Patricia but everyone calls me Patty. I'm a member at the Edge Delran. My Pattyfamily and I been members at this location since it opened in 2018. To stay moving, my daughter and I have been working out of our basement with weights and doing the online live classes The Edge offers. She's only 8 years old but she loves the online classes! I'm doing The Edge Challenge for the 4th time now. My team has a Facebook group so we are posting our workouts and videos every day to help motivate the team.”

-Patty, The Edge Fitness Clubs Delran

"I've been using my time to try Edge classes online that I would typically never do! I've been taking one (or two!!) classes a day, combined with at home strength training and a daily walk/run, or even a bike ride with my hubby. Being stuck at home gives me more time to workout than I usually have so I am absolutely taking advantage of that!

I love that the Facebook workouts are available indefinitely! They have all been awesome and definitely help to keep that sense of fitness community! Thanks for all of your hard work!"

-Paige, The Edge Fitness Clubs Deptford