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How Brittany Challenged Herself and Created a Healthy Fitness Lifestyle

Posted by Brittany Nuzzaci & Alex Wetmore on January 7, 2019

By Brittany Nuzzaci & Alex Wetmore 

I am very appreciative and excited with my experience since I have joined The Edge Fitness Community. A few months ago, one of my colleagues gave me a pass to try out The Edge and said that it would be a place to help me get into a better place with my physical heath and wellness. I used to have a great regular routine going to the gym and eating much better than I currently was but I had been in a traumatic accident that really discouraged me from going to the gym and focusing more on my physical health and wellness.
When I started going to the gym I felt a little lost trying to remember the exercises I used to do and trying to factor in all the new accommodations I would have to make. When I met with the manager of the Milford Edge to sign up for my membership, he recommended that I should also sign up for The Edge Challenge that was starting in a few weeks to help me get a jump start on getting back into the gym. I figured that this would be a good thing for me to take advantage of, plus it would encourage me to get over the initial hurdle in committing to a schedule and changing my bad eating habits. He recommended that I should work with Alex as my trainer because of his positive and encouraging personality as well as his knowledge to help me be successful. alex wetmore1

When I first met with Alex to put together a game plan for the challenge, I told him about my two biggest challenges: the first was that I was in a traumatic accident in which I broke most of the bones on my right side, thus resulting in bad arthritis. I also had a lot of breathing complications due to asthma. After dropping this double dose of negativity I was dealing with, he put together an initial plan and recommended some of the dotFIT nutritional products to incorporate into my diet to get me started to achieve my goals. At first, I thought let’s see if this will even work for me, but I totally did not expect what I was going to accomplish throughout this journey. Throughout this Challenge I was encouraged by Alex and the other trainers, the participants, but most of all myself with the drive I was able to spark back with everything that was changing for me. When we finished the challenge the winner was chosen based upon who lost the most weight, but I felt that I won my own personal challenge because of where I am and what I am able to do now. I can now stick with my gym routine and continue with Edge Strong classes, dead lift 160 lbs, but most importantly I can run without having an asthma attack! As we continued to meet throughout our training sessions, my strategy became a discipline to change my life. Starting this journey and joining this community has helped me get to a place where my physical health and wellness is my primary focus and I am encouraged to continue my journey to be successful.

alex wetmore2Milestones:
Lost 12 lbs and 10%body fat
Can run 1.5 miles without issues with asthma
Can dead lift 160 lbs

Alex's thoughts on Brittany:

Brittany came to me at the beginning of The Edge Challenge with some big goals in mind. Her first goal was to develop a healthy relationship with diet and exercise. So we created a plan of attack that would work well with her lifestyle and one that she could sustain. Throughout the challenge she continued to push through every obstacle with a positive attitude. As we continued working together it was great to see her transformation in the gym and the benefits it had for her health. She was able to accomplish things she never thought she would do again. I could not be more proud of her and what I watched her accomplish. She managed to build a healthy relationship with food and the gym which is all I can ask for. She learned not just to make changes for the 8 weeks of the challenge, but how to carry it on for the rest of her life. We are now training for a 5k obstacle course and I know she will beat it. Everyone has the ability to change their lives for the better, it just takes balance, determination, and consistency.