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Hope's Inspiring Story - How Fitness Saved Her Life

Posted by Emily Webster on February 5, 2020

There is always hope. . .

And here at the Edge, we are lucky enough to have an incredible fitness instructor who embodies hope.

You know Hope as the rock star fitness instructor, but like all Superheroes, Hope has an original story. Hope came to fitness not only through her own interests but also by witnessing her father deal with heart attacks, triple bypass, and multiple open heart surgeries. “I didn’t want to end up with a big scar down my chest.”

Hope was always a girl on fire! She was a cheerleader in high school, a theater major in college, and even a mascot for a professional football team. She actually joined a gym to meet boys but instead fell in love with lifting. She found a passion for Spinning, post baby number 2, and has been teaching for almost 20 years. Hope - Edge

We find hope when things get tough and for Hope, she found faith in her strength during times of turmoil. “At age 50, after complaining for 6 years to my doctors that I was feeling fatigued and my breathing was off, a new doctor informed me I had been born with a congenital heart defect called a Bicuspid Aortic Valve and it had now developed into an aneurysm. There I was being told I was about to get a scar down my chest just like my dad.”

Hope’s story, however, proves that it is what we do consistently that counts. Hope may have been born with a bad valve, but her good habits may have saved her life. Hope’s surgeon assured that it was her healthy heart that has kept her alive for this long. Yes, Hope was in good shape, but she learned that having a “good body” was so much more than skin deep. “When people would ask me what I was training for, the answer was always...life. This was true then and again 3 years later when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.”

Hope- Edge 2Discipline is a daily practice for Hope and her commitment to fitness aided in her recovery in a powerful way. “Let’s just say I got zapped with the Protons 7am and 5pm and still worked every day. I even taught Spin.” Hope credits Spinning for the reason her heart is so strong. As a trainer, Hope is naturally built to inspire others. On March 8th she will be spinning at the Philly Spin In for Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for kids born with CHD and heart disease. “For the 3rd year I have a team called HopeHeartStrong peddling with me for little hearts. I wear my scar on my chest like a Medal of Honor and I am so honored to be part of this event for these little heart warriors!”

We at The Edge of Plymouth Meeting are honored that Hope brings this megawatt energy to every class she teaches. A single mom of two, a powerhouse trainer, and a reminder that exercise is a gift we give to our bodies. Every time we work out we are celebrating what our bodies are capable of, and Hope’s story is one to celebrate indeed!


“I believe that someone is lying in bed wishing they were healthy enough to exercise. I’m cancer free and my heart’s pumping and I wake up every day on the right side of the ground. Both of these life-threatening events in my life just reassured me how lucky I am and so I keep hitting the gym, spinning, and preaching heart health especially to women!”

We look forward to more of your inspiring preaches Hope!