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Edge Kids: The Best-Kept Secret at the Gym

Posted by The Edge Fitness Clubs on January 7, 2019

Want to know the best-kept secret at The Edge Fitness Clubs? It’s not which protein shake tastes best at The Edge Cafe (although we like chocolate), or what time of day to come to score the perfect treadmill (midday is usually wide open.) It’s Edge Kids!


At Edge Kids, our goal is to provide a safe and exciting environment that promotes having fun and being active and healthy.

You might have mom guilt dropping your kids off at the gym childcare while you workout, but at Edge Kids, you don’t need to! Our staff members work to establish a relationship with your little ones. While you’re working out, your kids will be having a blast!

Benefits of Gym Childcare

Gym childcare can be a great value. You really can’t find anyone else to keep your kids safe and loved on for less. In addition to providing a fun and safe environment for our youngest members, Edge Kids also offers:

  • An active program schedule

  • Secure check in

  • Basketball court (at select locations)

  • Rock wall (at select locations)

  • Teaching fitness as fun

  • Age-appropriate games

  • Large play area

  • Secure Infant/toddler room

While you’re getting a sweat session and some me time in, your kids are playing and doing their own fun, fitness activities.

Edge Kids

How Edge Kids Can Benefit Your Family:

  1. Time for mom to work out: It can be challenging to do a workout video at home or fit in a run after bedtime. Get your workout in, knowing that your kids are safe and well cared for.

  2. Time for yourself: After your workout, head over to the Edge Cafe, tanning and massage area, or take a shower. We’ll watch your kids for up to two hours per visit so you can get a workout and a little me time in.

  3. Keep kids safe and active: Our staff of gym teachers, coaches, and kids fitness instructors will keep your little ones active and having fun while you work out.

  4. Promotes a healthy and active lifestyle for the whole family: Kids will naturally learn the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle by seeing it modeled. By making fitness fun, you’re setting them up for a healthier life.

Try The Edge Fitness Clubs and Edge Kids for free and see how you can make fitness fun for your whole family.


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