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Bonny's Journey to Her Best Self through Spinning

Posted by The Edge Fitness Clubs on July 30, 2021

"Hi! My name is Bonny and my journey to becoming a better version of myself began when I joined The Edge (Delran) at the beginning of 2019. All my life my weight has been like a roller coaster up and down, up and down. I knew what I had to do but didn't look forward to the physical part of it. I mean who likes to exercise? However that all changed when I walked into the spin room at The Edge. Little did I know that within this small room in the back of this huge gym that I'd fine myself as well as my spin family. I soon began to look forward to exercising....Spinning that is! Fast forward to January of 2020, I lost 35 pounds and countless inches. With the help of my favorite spin instructor, Ashley, and the other members I grew close with I was loving myself again.

Then in February 2020, I was diagnosed with drop foot (mind you I've never even knew that was a thing). It's when you can't lift the front of your foot causing you to walk with a limp foot. It turned out to be my L-5 and L-6 in my back was pressing on my peroneal nerve. The nerve pain was so bad that I didn't care about the foot drop. So at the time the world was shutting down due to Covid, I was going in for emergency surgery. Long story short between my surgery on March 26th and having to quarantine due to the pandemic, I gained all 35 pounds back and then some. The doctors were encouraging that the foot drop would correct itself after surgery, but unfortunately it did not. Talk about being depressed and defeated!

Now, 4 months after my surgery my doctor suggested working on strengthening my core to help my back. At this point I'd accepted the "Foot Drop" and I started eating clean and with the gyms still closed I started back doing spin outside with Ashley of course! Let me tell you it was HARD!! I cried during spin, cried on the ride home, and cried some more when I got home. I thought "I'll never be back to were I was before surgery". Month after month I was going through these emotions and physical pain. I just keep thinking "keep going, you got this".
Once the gyms opened back up I was feeling stronger and stronger!

Fast forward to today I am 46 pounds lighter and stronger than I've ever been! So not only am I back to where I was before drop foot, I've surpassed it. I know it starts within, but I honestly couldn't have done it without The Edge and that spin room in the back of the gym. Our spin family is unique and I wouldn't change it. I'm so very blessed to be around such great people!

I have so much respect for my spin instructor Ashley Gorsop. Her true compassion and non stop encouragement has made me strong and confident once again. I could not have done it without her! Mental and physical health are a lifetime goal to me, and my journey is just beginning. As for my drop foot well it is what it is! As long as I can get on my spin bike and be surrounded by positive, encouraging people who push me to be the best version of myself, I'll take it!!!" - Bonny Clark