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An Ode to Spin Class

Posted by Courtney Ruggiero on December 11, 2018

By Courtney Ruggiero, Indoor Cycling Program Lead

Let’s build up to this and start with the most obvious and perceptible quotes when it comes to that intense and possibly 


dreaded…… dun, dun, dun SPIN CLASS. “Keep Calm and Cycle to the Beat.” “I don’t need therapy, I just need Spin Class.” “The bike remains stationary, you go to hell and back.” “When in doubt, pedal it out.” I could go on and on about how gym goers feel all different sorts of perceptions about Indoor Cycling. Truth is people, Spinning, is “The BOMB!” Where else can you go for a killer calorie burn, listen to inspiring tunes, push yourself outside your comfort zone, pedal 10-15 miles and not leave the room, and be able to shut your eyes, drown out the world and its distractions and concentrate solely on YOU! That is Indoor Cycling in its purest form. We’ve built it up, now time to break it down. 

Burn Calories
Now we all know this is every gym member’s #1 goal, right along side with “tone” and “gain muscle.” We all want to burn calories, whether it’s from last night’s abundance of chips and margaritas, or you are on a venture to lose LB’s. The Spin Room should be your numero uno stop. Its simple math, “two birds, one stone.” According to Spinning.com and Harvard Health (also my own personal experience) you get the benefits of “me time” while burning anywhere from 425-715 calories. Come on now gym friends, those are worth the while results.

Anybody Can, and Everybody Darn Well Should
Indoor Cycling has an open door policy to ALL walks of life. Yup, I will say it again, ALL walks of life!!! Whether you are a performance, power rider (my wheelhouse for sure), or you like to sit back and ride to the rhythm, party on bike with tap backs and pushups. Walking into the room as a newbie or a seasoned rider, there is a home for you in the Spin Room no doubt. I teach a Sunday morning Spin Power Class and let me tell you, at 9am I have members walking through the door with age ranges between 19 and 70, and they are all on the same mission, to get a killer, dominating Ride. Men, woman, young, old, the Spin Room could care less. We as instructors set you up on that bike for success and achievement. If you have ever taken a Spin Class, I am willing to bet you have never walked out of the room saying, “Well that was a complete waste of my time.” That doesn’t happen here, not when you as the rider have the choice to take it as easy or as hard as you want. Intimidation be gone!!! You walk into that Edge Spin Room find your instructor and say, “It’s my first time Spinning.” I guarantee the instructor will automatically smile and say “Yes! Hard part is over, you got here, now let’s go set you up!” Then you are off to the races!

Build Muscle
“Rise it up, lower it down!”  While seated you will build that awesome gluteus maximus and hamstring muscles. As you rise to simulate climbing a hill in a standing position, you build the quadriceps and those glute muscles as well. Your arms and core muscles will also be engaged to help keep you centered over your bike throughout these motions. Don’t believe all those rumors you hear, that Spinning will bulk your legs up. If that were true every Spin Instructors legs would be so massive they would have trouble getting on and off the bike. To quote Shannan Lynch, Director of Education with Mad Dogg Athletics, “Spinning really is: the authentic, exhilarating experience, the fitness and empowerment, and the camaraderie of our global community- not the size of anyone’s thighs.” True story Shannan!!

Feel All That Happiness
Think about all those endorphins-neurotransmitters that can cause feelings of euphoria and act as pain killers, to be released into the brain. The big one of them all though is: “Reducing stress!” Bam!! Spinning should be to reducing stress like peanut butter is to jelly. It just goes hand and hand. All that while greatly improving your hearts health. Plus, who doesn’t feel an emotional high from a feeling of pure accomplishment. At the end of my classes I always walk to the door and tell my members, “Thank you, go out and have a great day!” With sweat dripping off them, empty water bottles in their hands and that look on their face that is the perfect mix of fatigue and accomplishment. When I see that I know I have done my job, and I know they have done theirs. It’s a happy feeling on both sides. Spin brings happiness.

On A Personal Note
As a Spin Instructor for our beloved Edge Fitness Clubs I have to say, I LOVE what I do! Indoor Cycling is a HUGE part of my life. I not only get the opportunity to teach people every day about the benefits of this type of Group Exercise, but I get to see changes overtime in my clients. Here is the thing, Spinning doesn’t get easier over time, it actually gets harder, because you as the rider set your own path and you challenge yourself to newer heights. It’s an awesome progression, that is set in a team environment. So, if you have not made it to the Spin Room yet, take that first step. Chances are you will find a passion for it that you never thought was possible. I know I did!! I will see you all in the Spin Room!

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