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Amber's Journey To Mental Wellness Through Personal Training

Posted by The Edge Fitness Clubs on May 10, 2022

May is #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth . Thank you Amber for being brave enough to share your story, in hopes to touch another member of our  Edge family. We are so proud of you!

“My personal trainer Judith, has helped improve multiple aspects of my life. Being a single mother who struggles with mental illness as well as maintaining sobriety, being physically healthy became of great importance to my life. As many single mothers do, I struggled with postpartum separation anxiety. My personal trainer Judith, worked with me to work through my anxiety. She would go check on my daughter in Edge Kids to help me feel safer and more comfortable.

Personal training has helped me gain so much control over my mental health struggles. Before starting, I struggled with sleepless nights, over eating and depressive episodes due to my anxiety and PTSD. Since I’ve been training, I have experienced a massive improvement in my anxiety. I’m able to fall asleep without significant struggle . I don’t feel the urge to overeat now that I’m on my meal plan set up by my trainer. Working out multiple times a week has helped prevent depressive episodes. Overall I’ve seen a significant improvement in my mental health.

My sobriety is a critically important part of my life as a mother and a person. It is an essential part of my life. Having the gym as something to look forward to and my personal trainer to motivate me have been essential key to helping me maintain my sobriety. After completing one of my trainer’s butt-kicking workouts, I feel accomplished and clear-headed. Before I started training I didn’t know anything about working out. Every time I went to the gym I did just cardio because I was under the belief that cardio burned the most fat . SinceI've started doing personal training, I’ve learned that doing different forms of exercise can help you lose body fat and gain muscle. I have learned so much about working out and how to work my body muscles in different ways. I’ve also learned that I’m so much stronger and capable than I ever thought! 

Overall personal training has changed my life and I’m forever grateful. I recommend it to everyone that asks me how I’ve lost weight. The positive effects on my life are endless and help me be the best version of myself possible everyday.”  -Amber, Cranston Edge Member

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