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A Year of YES!

Posted by Jenn Kuehn on January 3, 2022

Do you consider yourself a yes or a no person? Regardless of your answer, let’s discuss why you should consider making this a year of YES!

What does a year of YES mean to you? This is not about saying yes to pressure, nor is this about doing something you don’t want to do. This is about finding what you do want and going after it. The past few years, I’ve personally worked hard at setting boundaries. Saying YES does not supersede your boundaries, saying YES opens doors!

There is a power and a magic in saying YES!😊 Saying yes means that you are open to moving on from the past; it means you’re ready to get uncomfortable and try something NEW.  When we say yes, we meet others, discover ideas, and encounter adventures that we never would have, had we said NO.

Opportunities are right here and right now. Whether you’re taking a continuing education course, going out to dinner by yourself, or sending in an application for your dream job -it all starts by tapping into your YES. Richard Branson once said, "If someone offers you an amazing opportunity to do something and you're not sure you can do it, say yes. Then learn how to do it later." Saying YES will unlock your capacity to grow and evolve.

Remember the phrase Nike coined, “Just Do It”? Well, that is easier said than done! Saying yes is going to be difficult. There is a vulnerability in putting yourself out there. Saying yes to the job, the date, the challenge, or the experience will require courage. So often we are afraid of what might or might not happen in life. We fear failure. We anticipate the worst when we don’t know what to expect. Reality check: we’ve all had our share of failure. Some of the biggest lessons we learn will come through our biggest adversities. Saying yes is knowing that the risk is worth the reward!

Yes, is a mindset. Think of it as a muscle we’re building; we are training our minds to be stronger than our feelings. Our feelings get hurt, our mind doesn’t. Our feelings want to sleep in, our mind says get up and get to the gym. Our feelings will perseverate and procrastinate, our minds will activate and actualize!

Start with small, little steps towards gaining your yes mojo. Every day is packed with opportunities for us to say YES. There is a confidence that comes from saying yes and that yes will lead to another yes and before you know it, you will be less scared, you will be more alive and your year of YES will be your best year yet.