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5 Tips For Running On The Beach

Posted by The Edge Fitness Clubs on July 28, 2022

It may sound intimidating, running or walking on the beach is a really effective leg burn. Moving through the sand requires you to work harder, as it requires more force to put your body in full range of motion. Here are some safe and effective tips for exercising on the beach!

  1. Make time to warm up.  Stretch before you go, as running on sand requires your body to work harder, which means more strain on your muscles and joints. Let's lessen our change of injury by preparing with a warm up ahead of time!
  2. Walk before you run. Get a feel for the sand before you start running. Is it uneven? Is it flat? Are there areas with more rocks and shells? Stay close to the water where there's packed sand, and try to plan for your run during low tide or shortly before/after. 
  3. Stay hydrated. If you're running when the sun's out, be prepared for the heat. To avoid overheating and muscle cramps be sure to stay hydrate before, during, and after your run. 
  4. Wear the right shoes. Long, leisurely walks are fine barefoot. To get the most out of your run, and to avoid future plantar fasciitis, wear your running sneakers. A cross trainer may also be beneficial for an added grip, dependent on the beach and thickness of the sand.
  5. Protect your body.  Wear your sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, etc.  Typically, the sun is the strongest between 10am-4pm, so plan to run before or after when the heat is less intense.