Tanning & Massage

Our fitness clubs offer massage chairs and beds for a pre-workout massage or post-workout massage, a perfect way to get rid of those knots, and recover sore muscles, especially for athletes and high sports performance members. Plus, it is a great way to relieve stress and relax your mind & body while at the gym!

Maintain a sun kissed glow year round in one of our stand up or lay down tanning beds! Edge Fit & Edge Total members have access to tanning at all our gyms.

How do I sign up for tanning or massage?

Massage and tanning can be reserved in the club only. 

  1. Find the Massage or Tanning kiosk outside of the Massage or Tanning area.
  2. Select the time you want to go (press the green time slot).
  3. Scan your key tag or barcode on your cell phone or enter phone manually.
  4. Collect your printed ticket.
  5. At your scheduled time, bring your ticket to a front desk consultant to turn the massage bed/chair on or to turn the tanning on for you. 
  6. Use the remote to turn the bed/chair on. For tanning, you will have three minutes to get ready before the booth turns on.


Forgot your lotion or protective eyewear? No problem! The Edge Fitness Clubs offers an expansive selection of tanning goggles and lotions at the front desk for an affordable cost.

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