The Edge Fitness Clubs
Bristol, CT
The Edge Fitness Clubs
Bristol, CT

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Bristol, CT
1235 Farmington Avenue
Bristol, CT 06010

Bristol, CT

Welcome to The Edge Fitness Clubs of Bristol, CT! Check out our fitness center hours, class schedules, competitive membership rates, and more. Don’t forget to also take a look at the amenities offered and “meet our trainers” to find the best trainer to help you reach your fitness goals. Have any questions? Our friendly, and knowledgeable staff are here to ensure you get the best membership experience. The Edge team is dedicated to helping you reach your goals, guiding you along your fitness journey. “Your goal is our goal!” Submit your information below so we can provide amenities & rates for the location nearest you. Or just get a free guest pass!

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Club Hours

  • Mon-Thur: 5am-10pm
  • Fri: 5am-9pm
  • Sat: 7am-6pm
  • Sun: 7am-5pm

Edge Kids Hours:

Monday - Friday:

Saturday and Sunday:

Please click here for our Edge Kids guidelines & for information on how to book reservations.

Read what our members are saying:

"Great facility, great staff, great classes. Machines are well maintained, clean, and plentiful. Worth getting a membership!"
Andrew K.
Edge Member
“My boyfriend and I have always been quiet gym goers, but I recently had a fitness assessment with a trainer, I was just blown away by how nice, kind, and knowledgeable they were. I think meeting with the personal trainer is a big help and would recommend to anyone to meet at least once with them since an assessment is included in the membership!”
Rachel K.
Edge Member & Personal Training Client
"The Edge as a whole is the best gym around!  I really enjoy the equipment as a whole. The location is huge and is accommodating for a large number of people. The staff here are also very nice and welcoming." 
Drake H.
Edge Member
"This gym has everything you could ever think of! Group classes, large turf, protein shake bar... the shakes are delicious. They even have a movie theater! The Edge is top-notch. Do yourself a favor and get a membership."
Ian G.
Edge Member
"Personal trainers and group classes beyond compare! There is also a great weight loss contest, The Edge Challenge, that helped and motivated tons of people like me. Plenty of room, great equipment, a movie theater! And all for a reasonable and affordable price!"
Jade J.
Edge Member & Challenge Participant
"Excellent gym for your daily workout routines. Includes a refillable water station and protein shake bar, plenty of space for even the busiest of workout days. The locker room and bathrooms are well kept. Staff is very nice with superior service skills."
Kim S.
Edge Member




Large turf, sprint lanes, balls to the wall and other specialized functional training equipment areas for a unique workout every time.

multiple club access


Unlimited Access to ALL Award-Winning Edge Clubs!



Use our large training floor for all your needs! Machines, free weights, and indoor turf!