Boot Camp

BOOT CAMP - Get a mix of strength training, intense cardio drills and body conditioning. Develop speed, agility, strength, endurance and flexibility using challenging strength and cardio exercises for a full body conditioning. Classes use body bars, barbells, dumbbells and more.

Benefits & What to Expect From Boot Camp:

    • Strength training

    • Intense cardio drills

    • Speed and agility

    • Endurance and flexibility

How to Prepare for CLASS:

  • Eat 30 minutes before so you have energy
  • Bring water with you
  • Workout clothes and sneakers

BOOT CAMP Instructor Advice:

Energize!  Refresh!  Take your fitness level to new heights!!!  In this challenging, fun class you will  do things you never thought you could and “leave  it all on the classroom floor” feeling your BEST you!! Welcome!!!" Joanne Mortimer, Edge Greenwich

”Welcome to Bootcamp!! I'm excited for you because you've chosen to put yourself first!! My intention for this class is to empower you to have self-expression, transportation, and unity!! What does that all mean ”let’s have fun and love on ourselves and others, don't quit." -Odessa Kellman - Edge Philadelphia 

BOOT CAMP is included in the Edge Fit & Edge Total memberships. Amenities vary by location. Contact your local Edge club for details.

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