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Why Supplement?

Posted by Matt Hannon on March 31, 2022

What is supplementation?

For as long as I can remember when some people hear the word "supplementation" they run for the hills. Over the years this one word has built up a lot of controversy and misunderstanding of its true purpose. So what does it mean?

The definition of supplementation is the addition of an extra amount to something. In the fitness industry, this refers to making sure we have adequate amounts of macro and micronutrients going into the body to provide us with the ability to complete the tasks and goals we set for ourselves. These are essential vitamins and minerals as well as nutrients such as proteins, carbs, and fats.

Why should you take supplements?

Matt Hannon ESFIT SupplementsMany people ask why they need to supplement in the first place. They eat healthily. They lift weights. They do cardio. So what and why do we need to add to that? The answer to that question comes in a few parts. The first is that in our daily lives the average human does not consume the right amount of nutrients needed. Many of us fall short due to how many vegetables we eat or how little protein we consume just to name a few. This in turn prevents us from getting the number of nutrients needed to live our fullest functioning daily lifestyle.

DailyMulti_10Skunkworks_CapusulesThis can come from bad eating habits, being busy with work and kids, or just simply the dislike for certain foods. In this case, adding in a Daily Multi can get you to the recommended amount of vitamin A, C, D, etc. without running into any of the lifestyle situations we talked about. You are guaranteeing you meet your daily requirement. Consider it an "Insurance Policy" that covers your daily needs fully.

The second reason for supplementation is that many of you reading this are either working out or planning to start working out towards a goal. When you work out either as a beginner or an experienced athlete, your body needs additional nutrients to get through the workouts you do. If I make a fire and I want it to be hotter and last longer then I must add more wood. The same goes for your body. If we are going to put stress on our body beyond sitting at a desk from 9-5 or on the couch then we need to consume more than what we would if fully stationary. Adding an amino acid, creatine and protein can all help support your fitness journey and aid in recovery to help you continue to perform at your best ability.

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Quality over Quantity

Society always looks for the best deal and the biggest sale. The problem is sometimes we don't step back and wonder is this too good to be true? The food and supplement industry is allowed to be up to 70% accurate and truthful on their product labels. This leaves room for some companies to not be fully transparent about what they are putting into their products as well as false amounts. We must have the same mentality with supplements as we do with food. We want the best quality micro and macronutrients possible so our bodies will absorb and use them. Products such as ES Fit, which are provided at your local Edge Fitness Clubs, follow the Informed Sport certification guidelines which make sure all of their products are free from contaminants, banned substances and that the label is 100% truthful.

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In the end, we realize supplementation is there to help us.  Adding key missing pieces will help keep our body's functioning to the best of their abilities so that way we can achieve whatever goals we set for ourselves. Be strong, be smart and be the best you can be! Learn more about our ES FIT products today!