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The Power of Community and Fitness

Posted by The Edge Fitness Clubs on February 19, 2021

There are so many benefits to not going it alone on your fitness journey.  One of the big takeaways of 2020 is the power of community and how it can benefit us in almost every aspect of our lives.  Building a fitness community is beneficial not only for motivation, but it's also proven that those who workout with others have increased fitness results, are more likely to stick to a routine, and have more fun with their workouts! 

Benefits of a community in fitness:

1. Motivation 

This is what makes activities like group classes, Spin, 5Ks, Tough Mudders, and team sports so much more motivating than a solo jog through the neighborhood. The simple presence of another is enough to motivate us more than if we were to do the exercise alone.  Workout with and around people and you’ll naturally work harder. Working out at home? Grab your partner, friend, or neighbor and have them do the workout with you! 

2. Accountability 

When working towards a goal, it's often very helpful to tell a friend or family member about it. Why? Because this holds you accountable.  Signing up for a class, having a session with your personal trainer, or arranging to meet a friend at the gym creates circumstances in which you’re accountable to something or someone which will increase the likelihood of you actually following through on your plans.

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3. Progress

Your trainer, class instructor, fellow group classmates, or friends can help you measure your progress. A good trainer will help you set goals that are measurable. By seeing measurable gains you'll become more confident as you go. People quit when they feel they’re failing.  Some arrive feeling inadequate; others with inflated expectations. Your trainer, class instructor, or teammates can be your reality check and also help you track your progress over time.

4. FUN!

Let's face it, working out with others is simply just more fun! If you’re having a great conversation during a run, it makes the time go by so much faster because you’re enjoying your time spent with another. Know why so many of our members LOVE our group fitness classes? Because they have fun taking them! It makes them not feel alone on their journey and builds a strong fitness support system. Anything we can do to increase our enjoyment of an activity will increase our likelihood of repeating that activity – which in the gym translates to success through consistency. 

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At The Edge, we know the power our Edge community has on everyone's fitness journey.  Working out with a trainer, in a group class, or with friends helps everyone stay accountable. No more hitting the snooze button and skipping that 6:00 AM class! We know our members work harder among friends than they would have alone, and on top of that, they have others they can talk to about their goals, which creates more motivation to continue with it. Our instructors and trainers play a key and ongoing role in creating communities and bonds within their classes! 

Are you someone who typically works out alone? Instead of going it alone this week,  step outside your comfort zone. Try taking one of our fitness classes, join the next Edge Challenge, or meet with a trainer! You'll probably find yourself with more motivation and see better results in the long run! AND you might make some new friends in the process!

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