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The Edge Fitness Clubs Donates Supplies To Yale New Haven Hospital

Posted by The Edge Fitness Clubs on April 1, 2020

Recently, a family friend contacted our President, Vinny Sansone, asking if there was any way The Edge Fitness Clubs could donate a few boxes of our disinfectant wipes that we put out for our members to use on our equipment. 

While Yale New Haven Health does not normally accept donations of supplies and equipment, the COVID-19 pandemic has restricted the quantities of protective equipment the hospital can obtain through their normal protocol. They are currently in need of disposable gloves, disposable face masks, face-shields/goggles, disinfection wipes and liquids, and general purpose hand cleansers - just to name a few.

EDGEYALE-09Vinny called our Senior Director of Facilities, Terri Smith, right away and our team got right to work. "I partnered with my husband, Mike Smith of Smart Services Plumbing and Heating, (we needed a really big truck!) and Diversified Building Services (DBS), The Edge Fitness Clubs partner for cleaning services. Within 48 hours we had collected an entire truck full of items to donate from various Edge Fitness Clubs locations across Connecticut" said Terri Smith. 

We were able to provide the following to Yale New Haven Hospital:

  • 48 boxes of gloves
  • 172 large rolls of disinfecting wipes
  • 76 cans of Lysol spray
  • 4 cans of Lysol wipes
  • 6 packages of foaming hand sanitizer
  • 2 bottles of Purell
  • 3 bottles of disinfectant concentrate, which equals 192 full spray bottles 

In addition, our partner, DBS, also donated the following:

  • 2 cases disinfectant spray concentrate + bottles
  • 2 cases of HDQc2 with discharge system, which equals over 1,000 full spray bottles

With the help of Smart Services LLC and our cleaning company, DBS, we were able to collect and donate a whole truck load full of gloves, wipes, sprays, and other disinfecting materials to Yale New Haven Hospital.  If it wasn’t for Smart Services Plumbing and Heating, we wouldn’t have had the box truck for everything to bring to the donation center.

Yale mentioned that The Edge donation is by far the best one they have received to date. "Especially because it was cleaning chemicals which have been very difficult for them to source. They could not thank us enough! While we all stayed far apart from everyone, it was nice to have some human contact!" said Terri. Overall, the staff was very friendly, helpful, and appreciative!

Edge Helping Yale 1

The Edge is not just a fitness facility, we are concerned with your overall health and the overall health of the communities we serve. We are looking to also donate more items to hospitals in the Philadelphia area and that project is currently underway. 

If you have the means or any of the supplies they are seeking, we encourage you to reach out a helping hand during this difficult time. To learn more about Yale's needs, please visit https://www.ynhhs.org/patient-care/covid-19/support-our-caregivers.aspx. Thank you to all our healthcare workers and hospital staff for your hard work and dedication!


Edge donates to Yale

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