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Sabine's Journey to Stamina and Self Confidence through The Edge Challenge

Posted by The Edge Fitness Clubs on June 3, 2021

The Edge Challenge started 15 years ago with one goal in mind: to help you achieve your personal best. Whether you are looking to drop pounds, build muscle, eat better, or just be held accountable, The Edge challenge can create your success story! This 8-week contest is designed to provide lasting fitness results. Check out this success story from Sabine!

"In April 2020 I was blessed with the birth of my second child in the midst of a terrible pandemic. Expanding our family came with great joy but surviving through the state quarantine and lockdown came with incredible stress. I was physically inactive and eating poorly. I decided that for my sake and for my family, I did not want to continue to compound the weight and bring on health complications that I could avoid with smarter choices.

This Edge Challenge was unlike any other challenge I have done in the past. From the start, I felt defeated by the hurdle of simply getting to the gym. Yet, Kelly, my trainer, focused me on the consistent micro changes I could make to my daily routines to meet my goals. More importantly, she moved me past the goal of losing weight and focused our training on me as a whole person: body, spirit, and soul.

This time around, I really internalized that food choices are the bedrock of healthy and fit living. I learned that I could be successful in my goals regardless of the obstacles in the way. Lastly, I found myself in a better social-emotional state because I was eating better and exercising! I am so proud of how far I have come in eight weeks - dropping 25 pounds with team Kelly, I walked a 5k, I built stamina to run 2 miles, and I am renewed in self-confidence!

This was phase one of a three-part fitness journey for me. My goal is to maintain my routines and enjoy my family and my life. I am looking forward to the next challenge to continue the work I have started.” -Sabine, Edge member

Edge challenge success

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