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Improving Performance When Playing Sports

Posted by The Edge Fitness Clubs on April 15, 2022

Three ways for athletes to become stronger in their sport would be to focus on the key movement patterns of their position in their sport, joint stabilization for those movement patterns, and recovery.

  1. Key movement patterns in their sport & addressing imbalances
  • Focusing on the primary movers in the position they’re playing and strengthening the joints to prevent injury. It’s also important to address any imbalances the athlete might have due to heavy repetitive movement patterns and work to correct & prevent injury, as these movements can create an uneven strain on the joints involved. For example, soccer players become very quad-dominant, especially the vastus medialis muscle from kicking the ball and running, which creates uneven tension on the ligaments of the knees as well as other places.
  1. Joint stabilization for specific movement patterns
  • Stabilizing the joints for particular movements is crucial in injury prevention in any sport. First is addressing imbalances and finding any unequal tension around the joint and finding ways to correct the imbalance and recreate stability to increase strength in the muscles.
  1. Consistency & Recovery
    • Consistency in training for any sport will create a better, stronger athlete but implementing recovery is critical. Recovery can be stretching, yoga, massage, foam rolling or heat or ice methods used in a therapeutic fashion to reduce inflammation from training and competing and allow your body to continue to perform at its peak. Overtraining can often be an issue with athletes so having a recovery routine in place can prevent it from occurring.

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