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Embracing My Fitness journey

Posted by Tessa Mamba on December 11, 2018

By Tessa Mamba

In October 2015, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and pre-diabetes. I stand 5’0 ft tall and weighed 195 pounds then. Because of my height and weight, I was categorized as morbidly obese. Due to being heavy I could not move around very well and always had joint pain. I was on knee braces, elbow braces and even the soles of my feet were covered by braces due to plantar fasciitis (my trainer used to call me bionic woman). Even my doctor scared me and she told me that I am killing myself slowly. That was a wake up call for me.tessa mamba1

In January 2016 my friends and I decided to play a game, the biggest loser. We put down money and whoever lost the most weight would take the money. I joined, even though I wasn’t sure if I could do it. So another friend introduced me to The Edge Fitness Clubs and I tried the one week free membership. The first day was so challenging to me, although it wasn’t my first time going to the gym. I thought that I couldn't do it because I was too heavy to move around. A staff member talked to me about getting a personal trainer and she booked me with the complimentary training session. I had to cancel a few times because I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to function. Then I received a phone call and they convinced me to try out personal training.

I met Mr. Jimmy Beeman and I did the free session with him. I was amazed with myself and I said it wasn’t so bad. I told Jimmy all my concerns and he considered it to create a work out that is appropriate for me. Since then, I committed myself to do the half hour training every week. I even joined the Edge challenge twice. And this was the beginning of my journey to a healthy lifestyle.

tessa mamba2

The Edge Fitness Clubs, as well as my awesome motivator Jimmy Beeman helped me to become a new person. I’ve been training with him since 2016 and I never regretted it. My unhealthy condition was turned around to become a very healthy version of myself. My blood work counts were all normal and my BMI went down to normal.  I lost 60 pounds since I joined the club and I have been maintaining my weight by being committed to what I have started. I love The Edge Fitness Clubs because they showed involvement and interest in concerned clients, and the club gives us so many incentives to improve ourselves. My commitment to attending Edge Strong classes made me strong and transformed me to a new person.

Again, thank you to the best gym ever- The Edge Fitness Clubs, to my wonderful trainer, Jimmy Beeman and to all Edge Strong class trainers for helping me create a healthy and happy lifestyle.