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A Dedicated Edge Member Offers Her Fitness Routine & Positivity

Posted by Gia, Edge Member on March 27, 2020

"Hi! My name is Gia. I belong to the Edge Fitness Clubs in Washington Township Sewell, NJ. I love to stay positive and I always look for the good in each day and everything that happens in life. There is always something good in each day, even though sometimes it takes some time to search for it. But I assure you, if you’re willing to look, you will always find it.

The Edge Washington Township has helped me more than they could ever imagine. I have battled with my weight all my life. Lost weight, gained weight, and lost weight again - this became a never ending cycle. My husband recognized my frustration and on Black Friday saw a deal running for personal training at The Edge and mentioned it to me as an early Christmas present. I completely agreed and was excited to be partnered with someone. My husband did the research and said, "I think I picked the perfect Trainer for you." Boy did he nail it! That's when I met Christin Fisher, a Personal Trainer at The Edge in Washington Township, New Jersey. I started with her December 6, 2019. When we met I knew my husband picked well. Christin is kind, respectful, helpful, very knowledgeable, understanding and real. Christin has been an amazing part of my life. With her, I started my journey of becoming a better me. Once I started with her, I started working out 6-7 days a week at The Edge.

Christin taught me the right way to eat and combined with Edge Strong Classes and Personal Training workouts I have dropped 42.1 pounds! I dropped half my body fat, dropped my BMI big time, gained lean muscle, and so many more wonderful numbers.

I can't say enough wonderful amazing things about The Edge staff. They always greet you with a smile, they're so friendly and helpful, and they treat you like family! The trainers all want the best for you: to help you if you have an injury, to help you to avoid injuring yourself, and give such great advice. I'm happy to say I have met them each from doing the Edge Strong Classes. They are amazing people and I am thankful for their knowledge. The Edge has become my second home. I was so nervous once COVID-19 hit about the gym possibly closing. I wondered, will I have the willpower to continue? Will I continue my workouts if I don't have the gym? Once I heard The Edge was closing, I had a plan in my head and discussed with Chrisin on how to proceed. Christin Fisher and Marissa Lawlor have been putting up workouts and videos everyday! I can't thank them enough for them taking the time out of their day to do this for everyone. I have done their workouts everyday and sometimes do 2 classes a day.

I'm thankful to all the other trainers that have posted for Washington Township Edge and all trainers that posted videos from all the other Edge locations in different states. Thank you so much for that. The Edge Fitness Clubs virtual workouts via Instagram and Facebook have helped me stay on track. Have I continued working out everyday? YES! Have I continued to keep my nutrition on point? YES! Everyday I have done at least 2 workouts and when the weather's nice I go on 5-6 mile walks using the more challenging routes. I have worked so hard to lose weight, build up my stamina, endurance, conditioning and to drop my numbers tremendously in such a short amount of time.

I'm also in The Edge Challenge as well. In my mind it's not on hold, I'm treating it as if we are still in the middle of it. This doesn't mean ignore my nutrition, this doesn't mean don't workout and be lazy. NO WAY! My nutrition is 100% on point and I work out as much as I ever have, maybe even more. When the Edge opens back up and the Challenge continues I want to go back stronger, with more muscle, less BMI, less weight and feeling more conditioned. This trying time does not need to stop us from achieving our goals - continue on! I feel amazing and want to continue to feel that way.

I plan to continue with my positive outlook. One of my favorite things about the challenge is being introduced to so many amazing people and being connected on The Edge Challenge Group Facebook page. Everyone has been nothing short of kind, helpful, encouraging and amazing. I post meals and post positivity quotes as much as possible to try to help and encourage others if they are struggling.

I love to empower, congratulate, give praise and positive energy whenever I can. If you have positivity in your life it helps you get through the good, bad and tough times. It teaches you to always stay grounded, to always be thankful for everything you have, and appreciate everyone you have in your life. Sorry this is so long but there were a lot of positive things to say about an amazing place. Thank you so much!"

-Gia, The Edge Fitness Clubs Washington Township