Edge Evolve 

The 12-week Edge Evolve Challenge Includes:

  • A chance to win the $5,000 grand prize.
  • Community message board
  • Weekly fitness content
  • An on-demand library that houses 50+  signature workouts
  • Personalized smart meal plan with video prep tutorials
  • One strategy session and two 30-min. check-in sessions with a Personal Trainer
  • Unlimited Edge Strong Team Training classes
  • Special training add-on options


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fitness at your fingertips

No more juggling multiple fitness apps!  With Edge Evolve, you can lose weight, gain muscle, improve your nutrition, exercise more consistently, and elevate your workout routine.


The Edge Evolve FAQs

When does the Evolve Challenge start and end?

The first Edge Evolve Challenge will begin Thursday, September 14th until Thursday, December 7th.Weigh-ins will be held from 6 am - 8 pm.

Are there prizes?

There will 3 grand prize winners.  1st place will win $5,000, 2nd place will win $2500, and 3rd place will win $1,000.  This will be nationwide and not for each club. 

How do I become a participant for The Evolve Transformation Challenge

Download The Edge App and stop by your local Edge club and sign up at the front desk!

How do I win The Edge Evolve Challenge?

A: To be eligible for the $5,000 grand prize, participants will be evaluated and voted on by the member base at the Edge Fitness Clubs based on the following criteria: Physical Transformation (60%): Greatest positive change from both the submitted before and after photos as well as the InBody body composition analysis results. Weigh-in and Weigh-out: Participants must undergo an initial weigh-in and a final weigh-out using the InBody body composition analysis at the club where the program was purchased. It is the participant's responsibility to attend the designated weigh-in and weigh-out sessions as scheduled. Before and After Photos: Participants must submit their before and after photos within the specified time frames. The before photos must be taken on initial weigh-in date, while the after photos must be taken on the final weigh-out date. Participants must follow the provided instructions for photo submission and include the required InBody results from both weigh-ins. Transformation Story (40%): Ability to communicate their journey in obtaining those results through a essay, showcasing their transformation journey and the impact of the Edge Evolve program. On December 11, a group of judges selected by Edge Fitness Clubs will select the top 10 finalists from the national pool. On December 14, 2023 the national Edge Fitness Club’s member base shall vote for the grand prize winner from the top 10. 


Will there be promotions on supplements?

For this round we will be offering a 20% discount on all ES Fit supplements.  Offer will expire September 14th.

How does Edge Evolve differ from the previous weight loss challenge?

Edge Evolve is a comprehensive transformation program that goes beyond just weight loss. It focuses on overall physical and mental transformations, providing a holistic approach to fitness. By incorporating cutting-edge technology, personalized nutrition plans, and automated programming, Edge Evolve offers a more customized and impactful experience.

Why has the program duration changed from 8 weeks to 12 weeks?

Extending the program to 12 weeks allows for a more sustainable and long-lasting transformation. It provides ample time for participants to make meaningful progress, establish healthier habits, and achieve their desired goals. We believe that the additional weeks will lead to more significant and lasting results.

I noticed that the number of training sessions has decreased compared to the previous challenge.  How does this benefit participants?

We have made a strategic shift to prioritize quality over quantity. Instead of a fixed number of training sessions, Edge Evolve focuses on a strategy session and two check-in sessions. These sessions are designed to provide personalized guidance, address individual challenges, and ensure participants are on track. By emphasizing the quality of these sessions, we can deliver more targeted and effective support throughout the program.

What about the unlimited Group X Classes that were offered in the previous challenge?

While unlimited Group X Classes were a part of the previous challenge, Edge Evolve takes a different approach by incorporating a variety of content and mini-challenges throughout the program. These additions provide a dynamic and engaging experience, ensuring that participants stay motivated and challenged. The program is designed to offer a well-rounded fitness journey, combining both structured guidance and opportunities for self-exploration.

Why is the price tag higher for Edge Evolve compared the previous challenge?

Edge Evolve represents a significant upgrade in terms of content, technology, and overall experience. The increased investment reflects the added value and benefits participants will receive throughout the 12-week program. From automated nutrition plans to personalized support, Edge Evolve is designed to deliver unparalleled results and long-term transformations.

We understand that change can be met with questions and concerns. However, we firmly believe that Edge Evolve is a game-changer that addresses the shortcomings of the previous challenge. It offers a transformative experience that goes beyond weight loss, promotes overall wellness, and leverages advanced technology to provide a more personalized and effective fitness journey. We are confident that Edge Evolve will exceed your expectations and deliver the results you desire.

 If you have any further questions or need additional information, please feel free to reach out to our dedicated support team. We are here to guide you every step of the way on your Edge Evolve journey!

The gym you deserve awaits.

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