Edge Challenge

Our Edge Challenge is a fitness contest designed to provide lasting fitness results. This contest begins February 6th, and ends on April 3rd, 2023. 



Crush Your Goals

The Edge Challenge consists of one-on-one personal training, team training, and coaching, ultimately helping our members achieve their fitness goals!

All The Fitness Tools You Need

The Edge Challenge includes:

✔️One Strategy Session

✔️Seven 30-minute Personal Training Sessions 

✔️A Personalized Nutrition Program

✔️A Customized Workout Program

✔️Unlimited Access to Classes including Edge Strong & Group Exercise

✔️Exclusive Prizes for Participants

✔️Your Best Year YET!

Don't miss the chance to get into the BEST Shape of Your LIFE!!


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Edge Challenge FAQ

When does the Winter Edge Challenge start and end?

The next Edge Challenge will kick off Monday, February 6th and will end on Monday, April 3rd.  Weigh-ins and weigh-outs will be held from 6 am - 8 pm. There will be a special 1-hour group class held on the turf or Edge Strong Room at 6pm on each of those days.

Are there prizes for this round?

1st Place: $250 and a 1-year membership

2nd Place: Eight 30-minute Personal Training Sessions and 2 months of Edge Strong Team Training

3rd Place: Four 30-minute Personal Training Sessions and 1 month of Edge Strong Team Training

4th Place: $100 in ES Fit Supplements

5th Place: $50 in Edge Gear

How do I become a participant in the Edge Challenge?

Stop by your club to verify if this service is included in your training program or click on “Request Info” to find out how to get started! 

When are the weekly Edge Challenge workouts?

Weekly workouts will be held on Monday evenings in the Edge Strong room and Saturday mornings on the turf.  The time for these classes will be the 1st regularly scheduled classes of that evening and morning.  Please check your home club’s class schedule for details.


Will there be promotions on supplements?

This round of The Edge Challenge, clubs are offering a 25% discount on all ES Fit Supplements until February 8th.

What is included in the Edge Challenge? 

The Edge Challenge Winter 2023 edition includes one strategy session and seven 30-minute Personal Training sessions, a personalized meal plan, a custom workout plan, and unlimited access to all classes including Edge Strong.

How do I win the Edge Challenge contest in my club once I become eligible?

Winners are determined by the greatest % of weight loss during the contest.  Winners must weigh in on the kickoff date and weigh out on the ending date at the club they purchased the Edge Challenge in to be eligible for prizes.  Winners will be announced the week of April 10th.

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