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What is your club policy on gym etiquette?

It is recommended that all members complete a fitness assessment with an Edge certified personal trainer.  In-between sets, please remove yourself from the equipment until your next set so that other members may work in with you. Please do not rest on the equipment in-between sets.

Members are encouraged to request to "work in" with others to share equipment during busier times.  This cooperation helps everyone efficiently complete their workouts in a timely manner.  If members do not cooperate with these rules, we recommend that the member come to the front desk to have a manager help educate all parties on these guidelines. 

"Holding" equipment with a water bottle, towel, or other personal item is not allowed.  Gym bags are not allowed on the fitness floor for safety reasons.

Cell phone use of any kind is not permitted while on a piece of equipment. Tripods are strictly prohibited.  Please wipe down equipment after use.