After I download the app, how do I book and cancel classes?

1. To book classes, start by clicking on "FIND A CLASS" 

2. Scroll down to the day/class you are looking for, then click "BOOK".  (please note you can only book classes 49 hours in advance).  To change your location, click the filter tab on the top right.

  Class Enrollment-2

3.  Click "AGREE & BOOK" to confirm.

4. Your class will be confirmed at the top of your home page on the date you are booked.

1. To Cancel a class, under Things to Do Today on the home page of your app, go to the date your class is booked.

2. Click on the class you want to cancel.

3. Click on the three dots in the upper right-hand corner and then click "Cancel class booking" on the bottom of the screen and confirm yes or no.