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I’m moving but I am still under contract terms. How do I cancel my membership?

A: In order to cancel your membership due to a change in address, you will need to provide our billing partner, ABC Fitness with proof of move at a location further than 15 miles away from any Edge location.  This is necessary because your membership is still within the terms of your contract.

These documents can be a copy of one of the following:

Driver’s License with your name and new address

Lease agreement with your name and new address

Utility bill with your name and new address

(PO boxes are not accepted as proof of move)

Car or house insurance papers showing new address.

Current bank statement showing new address

Out of the country:  one-way ticket & green card

Here is the information you need to cancel your membership:

Your agreement number which can be found on your original contract or here. and proof of move from one of the sources above.

You can email our billing partner, ABC Fitness at [email protected] or call 888-827-9262 if you have questions, to request membership cancellation.