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Can I freeze my membership?

A: Members who have fulfilled their membership agreement terms or have pre-paid for a yearly membership in full may freeze their membership for any reason at any time for up to 3 months per year at no cost with 30 days' notice.  Members who are still within a one-year or two-year contractual period may freeze their membership for medical or Military purposes only.  At the time of a medical freeze request, a doctor’s note must be provided stating the reason for freeze and duration.  Freezes cannot be backdated.  Any freeze periods during an initial contractual term will be added to the term of the contract.  An initial medical freeze may be granted for up to three months, and an additional doctor’s note may be required to extend the freeze beyond the three-month period.  Military freezes require government-issued proof and length of deployment.  Memberships may not be frozen for school purposes or traveling out of the area while in contract.  Email our billing partner, ABC Financial Services at [email protected]. or call 888-827-9262 to request a freeze.