Gifts for A Fit, Healthy Lifestyle

Gifts for A Fit, Healthy Lifestyle

Gifts for A Fit, Healthy Lifestyle

Here we ago, the start of a long “gift giving season”.  It’s starts with Mother’s Day, a well deserved salute to Mom’s of all physical shapes, sizes and abilities. We roll right into high school and college graduations, bridal and baby showers, weddings, and on to the ultimate tribute to dear old Dad, Father’s Day.

How about this. Next gift giving occasion you have, celebrate the receiver by sharing a gift that will promote and motivate them toward a healthy lifestyle. Reward their achievement with something that will challenge them to become more active, to continue to motivate them to the top of their game.

Here’s some ideas: Choose footwear suited for their area of interest. Not sure what that may be, choose an overall fitness shoe such as a cross trainer. Workout clothes in seasonal colors, designs or team insignias, give a novice exerciser the appearance of a world class-champion.

Not sure of sizes? Grab some workout gear. Bike cleats, hand weights, a pedometer, a yoga mat, gym bag or SPI belt (pronounced “spy” for Small Personal Items) belt, the smaller equivalent of a “fanny-pack” used while exercising or running to hold necessities or valuables.  Heart rate monitors, a Fitbit, mp3 players and earbuds are another great idea, especially if you get creative and package in pairs for an engagement party!

In a pinch and running out of time? Grab an Edge Fitness Club membership before you leave the club after your workout. Club membership is a great way to show you care.

In the end, it’s a win/win/win. You give a gift, gain a potential workout partner (or two!) and your friend increases their physical activity!

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