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Your Fitness Goal Is to Build Muscle

Muscle building is a journey and will take a combination of strength training, nutrition, and a strategic cardio program. With the right guidance and dedication, you will see muscle mass increase and body fat decrease on your progress check-ins! Whether you’re training for bodybuilding or if you want to increase some muscle, we will get you to where you need to be!

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Gain Muscle

Fitness Recommendations

  • Working with our Personal Trainers will set you up for success and get you on track with a muscle building program
  • High protein diet
  • Continue to increase weight in our Edge Strong Team Training classes

Success Stories

Heidi Testimonial

Heidi's Journey to Success

November will mark my 6th anniversary of joining The Edge Fitness Clubs in Hamden, CT. When I think back on my fitness journey, I am so thankful to see how far I have come. Seven years ago, I had a hip replacement and the doctor told me if I did not...


Megan's 8 Week Challenge


Danbury Personal Trainer, Geams Gill's Testimony

Meet Megan (she does stuff *Instagram). Megan is a busy Mom and High School teacher, as well as a great friend. So, when her friend asked her to join The Edge 8 week weight loss challenge to...