Edge Kids FAQs

Welcome to the Edge Kids Active Program!
The Edge Fitness Clubs invites you and your children to come and enjoy our Edge Kids™ program. While you pursue your health and fitness goals, our devoted staff will give your child the highest level of attention in a fun and safe environment.

Edge Kids™ Policies
The following rules and regulations were developed with the safety and concern of your children in mind. Please keep in mind that we have many children using our facilities throughout the day. It is important for everyone to follow these rules so that each child's experience is an enjoyable one. We reserve the right to limit the number of children in the room to maintain safety.

Check-In/Out Procedures
Edge Kids is classified as a “drop-in” center geared for children aged 12 weeks *3months to 12 years. Children may visit up to 2 times per day (once in the AM and once in the PM) for a maximum of 2 hours per visit. During this time, the child’s parent, grandparent, or legal guardian must remain on the premises. Any child signed in must be the child or grandchild of an Edge Member. Children must have an active Edge Kids membership or a day pass receipt to be checked in. Children will not be permitted to leave with anyone other than the person who signed them in. Children must be signed out before leaving the Edge Kids™ room.

Edge Kids accepts children 12 weeks *3 months through 12 years old. To ensure safety and security, children under the age of 2 will be engaged in an exclusive infant/toddler area. Children over 2 years are not permitted in this area. Children under age 2 are not permitted in the main Edge Kids or Youth Kids rooms.

Parent Free Zone
We want to make your child’s fitness experience special. We know you are eager to watch your children in action but sometimes your presence can inhibit participation and disrupt the program. We respectfully request that you remain in the check-in area and exit the room promptly at drop-off and pick-up. Our Edge Kids Coaches are passionate about children, love fitness, and are focused on the safety of your children.

Club Facilities
Children are not permitted in the locker rooms or on the workout floor at any time, including with a parent unless they are on a tour with a membership advisor. Children are not permitted in the Group X or Strong studios unless they are participating in an Edge Kids or Youth X program. Children are not permitted in the Edge Kids room when it is closed. Children must be accompanied by a parent at all times in the lounge area and shake bar.

We strive to offer a fun, happy, and safe environment for all. We encourage kids to treat others and themselves with respect, seek help when needed, and follow coaching directions. Foul language will not be tolerated. Children must keep their hands and feet to themselves. No kicking, hitting, pushing, or biting other children or coaches.
   • 1st warning: child asked to leave for the day
   • 2nd warning: 7-day suspension
   • 3rd warning: 30-day suspension
   • 4th warning: permanent suspension
The Edge Fitness Clubs reserves the right to suspend privileges to any member who willingly violates the Edge or Edge Kids policies and/or infringes upon the right of enjoyment to another member or guest.

Emergency Evacuation
Procedures In case of an emergency, you need to be aware of our plan for evacuating and releasing your child. First and foremost, remain calm. Remember, it is our primary concern that children remain safe at all times, and that there is an orderly release of each child. Please do not attempt to enter the Edge Kids Room during an evacuation, instead, gather at the meeting area as instructed by Edge management. Locations may vary according to the situation.

For the safety of every child, we must document to whom each child is released. Edge Kids Coaches will remain on duty until all children have been signed out by their parents or guardian. It may take some time for the orderly dismissal of all children, so please be patient and be prepared to wait. The less confusion, the quicker children will be reunited with parents/guardians. Children will not be released without a signature by a parent/guardian. Once released please exit the area with your child in a calm and orderly manner.

When an injury occurs, parents of the involved parties will be informed. We give immediate attention and, if necessary, first aid to children who are injured. An incident report will be completed. The name of the children involved will be kept confidential. We request that parents also honor this policy.

Children should be dressed appropriately for ACTIVE play. Sneakers and gym attire are required for participation in most activities. If your child is not dressed appropriately, participation in activities may be limited.

Hours of Operation
Hours are posted inside the club and on our website. Inclement weather may affect Edge Kid's Operating hours. We will make every effort to notify members of changes to operating hours due to inclement weather and staffing shortages due to Covid-19. If you are unsure if Edge Kids will be open, you should contact the facility before coming to confirm.

Our Edge Kids program is committed to the health and safety of your children during their time with us. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we encourage all kids attending Edge Kids to wear a mask. In an effort to maintain a sanitary and healthy environment, we may exclude or require that you remove, from the Edge Kids room any child we deem in our sole discretion to be a sick child. If a child becomes sick while in the Edge Kids Room, you must immediately remove the child, whom we will endeavor to isolate until you check the child out. If your child does not attend daycare, preschool, or school due to illness, your child may not use our Edge Kids. We may require a physician’s verification of wellness before a sick child returns to Edge Kids. We reserve the right to determine whether a child is sufficiently sick to be excluded or removed from Edge Kids, but a child who exhibits one or more of the following symptoms is subject to exclusion or removal:
   • A child with a reportable illness or condition that a physician determines has not had sufficient treatment to reduce risk to others
   • A child with chickenpox, until no longer infectious and the lesions are crusted over
   • A child who has vomited or had any abnormally loose stool within the prior 24 hours
   • A child who has contagious conjunctivitis (pink eye) or mucus draining from the eye
   • A child with a bacterial infection, such as strep throat, or coxsackievirus, who has not yet completed 24 hours of antimicrobial therapy
   • A child whose nose must be wiped more than 3 times or is otherwise profusely runny, with either green or clear mucus
   • A child with unexplained or unusual lethargy
   • A child with untreated and/or contagious lice, ringworm, or scabies
   • A child with a temperature of 99 degrees axillary or higher
   • A child with an undiagnosed rash, hives, or rash attributable to a contagious illness or condition
   • A child with significant respiratory distress (a bad cough)
   • A child who is not able to participate in Edge kids activities in reasonable comfort
   • A child who requires more care than our coaches can provide without compromising the health and safety of other children

Snack Free Zone
Our room is snack-free! Food (including gum) and items from the snack bar (including shakes) are NOT permitted in the Edge Kids room. Please do not ask us to make exceptions.

Our Edge Kids rooms allow water only. Children may bring a sports bottle with water. There is also a water fountain with a bottle refill station in the Edge Kids room

Bottles, Diapers, and Bathroom Needs
Please feed your child/infant and attend to bathroom/diaper needs before checking in. Please respond immediately if called for infant needs. Edge Kids coaches are not permitted to change diapers or assist with bathroom needs. In order to ensure a sanitary environment, children who are not toilet trained are required to wear a pull-up while in the Edge Kids Room. Coaches do not mix or feed bottles and may request a parent to attend to bottle feeding of an infant.

Toys and Personal Items
We discourage bringing toys/ personal items from home. Children under 2 are welcome to bring a security item as needed. The Edge is not responsible for lost or damage of any items brought in.

Edge Kids™ Features:
◊ Active program schedule
◊ Secure check-in
◊ The basketball court in select locations
◊ Rock wall in select locations
◊ Fitness as fun
◊ Water fountain with bottle refill at select locations
◊ Age-appropriate games
◊ Large play area
◊ Secure infant/toddler room
◊ A family restroom with changing table

Upset Children
The Edge Kids Coaches make every effort to work with parents and children to help them adjust. However, you will be called if your child cries and cannot be consoled. Continual crying is not good for the child and is upsetting to other children.

The Edge Fitness Clubs reserves the right to modify the rules and operating hours of Edge Kids at any time.

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