The Edge Challenge


Here are some frequently asked questions!

When does the Summer Edge Challenge start?

The Summer 2022 Edge Challenge will kick off in June! Click here to view the kick-off date for your location!

What to expect:

We'll kick off The Edge Challenge with a FITNESS EXPO for all participants! Join us from 6-8:30 PM on the day of your kick-off for information on the challenge & fitness fun! 

Are there prizes this round?

This challenge is about being your personal best!  At the beginning of the challenge and at the end, participants will test in and out in one or all categories to challenge themselves.  Prizes will not be awarded but participants will be able to share their personal best results at our Finisher parties and win rewards for milestones on their Bingo Sheet!

How do I know if The Edge Challenge is included in my membership?

If you pay monthly for personal training sessions at The Edge, The Edge Challenge is included in that price as a part of our Total Fitness Solution. As a personal training client, you still need to opt into The Edge Challenge to participate. Click here to opt-in. 

What is included in The Edge Challenge?

✔️Goal planning session with meal plan creation before the kick-off

✔️IN-PERSON kick-off pep rally & fitness expo

✔️ Free Edge Challenge t-shirt

✔️25% off supplements the day of your kick-off party!

✔️Access to Train Edge Strong app- workout, fitness & nutrition software

✔️Access to Total Access+ for the duration of The Edge Challenge

✔️ Access to all Group X classes throughout the duration of The Edge Challenge

✔️Three thirty-minute personal training sessions

✔️A "team captain" who helps you from week one to the finish line

✔️Unlimited access to Edge Strong Team Training for 8 weeks

✔️Weekly group team workouts

✔️A chance to get into the BEST Shape of Your LIFE!


How do I log into Total Access+?

During your 8-week Edge Challenge, you will have access to our live and on-demand library through our Total Access+ platform.  Password reset and login instructions are below.

  • The Total Access+ system uses a different password than the normal app, please go HERE to reset your password. Please enter the email associated with your Edge account; any other email will not be recognized.

  • You will receive an email allowing you to reset your password.  After doing so, you will be able to log in when prompted, or you can go HERE

  • The live and on-demand classes can be accessed via a web browser at this link:     Remember, it’s different than how you log in on the regular app, so you can save that link for future use, or you can download our iOS app by clicking here.
  • For any login issues, please email
What is the Train Edge Strong app and why do I need it?

This app will help keep you motivated and in-touch with your trainer throughout each week to ensure that you are reaching your weekly goals. The Train Edge Strong App allows you to communicate with your trainer and allows your trainer to deliver training programs directly to you anytime, anywhere.  By downloading this app, you'll have 24/7 support, allowing you to maintain your workouts and nutrition even when you're not in front of them! Check out all the amazing features below!


You'll get easy access to your weekly workout plans from your trainer. 

Results Tracking

Easily view your daily and weekly results. Keep track of your caloric intake each day, steps, body weight, and much more!


You can directly message your trainer through the app, allowing for more accountability and motivation!

LIVE Virtual Training Sessions

We saved the best for last! Can't make it to the gym for your session? No problem! Similar to a FaceTime call, you can virtually work out one-on-one with your trainer on the app. No more snow day excuses! 

I haven’t completed my initial strategy session or any of my other sessions. Can I still do this?

Yes, these are in your bank for the duration of the Edge Challenge.  These sessions expire after the Edge Challenge ends.


Can I book Edge Strong classes right from my app or the website?

Yes!  You can book these classes just as you would any other class.  On the website, click the Member Login on the upper right hand corner of the page.

I haven’t downloaded the Edge App, how do I do this?

Click here for a step by step guideline to download the Edge App.

How do I book classes on my app?

Click here for a guideline to book and cancel classes on the app.



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