Here are some frequently asked questions!


When is the first weigh-in?

Weigh-ins begin the week of  February 15th. There will be two weigh-in dates for each club. Find your location below to view the weigh-in dates. 

February 15th & 16th:

Greenwich, CT West Hartford, CT
Machester, CT Cherry Hill, NJ
Milford, CT Plymouth Meeting, PA
Shelton, CT Warwick, RI


February 16th & 17th:

Fairfield, CT Farmington Hills, MI
Norwalk, CT Delran, NJ
Trumbull, CT Philadelphia, PA
Naperville, IL Cranston, RI


February 17th & 18th:

Derby, CT Rochester Hills, MI
Orange, CT Sterling Heights, MI
Stratford, CT Deptford, NJ
Christiana, DE Media, PA


February 18th & 19th:

Bristol, CT Westland, MI
Danbury, CT St. Peters, MO
Hamden, CT Washington Township, NJ
Meriden, CT Warrington, PA

To compete for prizes, all weigh-ins must be completed on the club’s InBody.

Weigh-ins will be done by appointment only every other week between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m. 

When and where is the kick-off party?

The Winter 2021 Edge Challenge Kick-off will be virtual for all clubs on Thursday, February 18th on Facebook Live at 8PM.

I haven’t completed my initial strategy session or any of my other sessions. Can I still do this?

Yes, these are in your bank for the duration of the Edge Challenge.  These sessions expire after the Edge Challenge ends.


Can I book Edge Strong classes right from my app or the website?

Yes!  You can book these classes just as you would any other class.  On the website, click the Member Login on the upper right hand corner of the page.

I haven’t downloaded the Edge App, how do I do this?

Click here for a step by step guideline to download the Edge App.

How do I book classes on my app?

Click here for a guideline to book and cancel classes on the app.

What is a leaderboard and where do I go to find this?

Members who are competing for prizes must weigh in on our clubs inBody scale. We show every other week progress for the top 20 participants in each location and company-wide here on our website.

Who is eligible to be listed on the leaderboards?

Members who are weighing in. Only members who attended the latest weigh-in will be included in the most recent leaderboards. 

What are the prizes I am eligible to win?


  • $250.00
  • 8 Personal Training Sessions
  • 2 months of Edge Strong

2nd place Male & Female:

  • 4 Personal Training Sessions
  • 1 month of EDGE STRONG

3rd place Male & Female:  

  • 1 month of EDGE STRONG
What are the rules for winning prizes for The Edge Challenge?

GUIDELINES - In order to qualify to win:

1. Weigh-in at the club in person where you purchased the program on the designated kickoff date.
2. Weigh-out at the club in person where you completed your initial weigh-in on the designated final weigh-in date.
3. Be an active Edge member in good standing.

Please note:

TWO grand prize winners will be awarded $250 at each club (one male/one female) based on percentage of body weight lost. To complete the Edge Challenge and to be eligible for any prize, a participant must: (1) Weigh-in at the club in person where you purchased the program on the designated kickoff date. (2) Weigh-out at the club in person where you completed your initial weigh-in on the designated final weigh-in date. The designated final weigh-in date may be adjusted at Edge’s sole discretion. (3) Be an active Edge member in good standing. Participants may only win one prize per each Edge Challenge Session. Participants are not eligible for an individual club Grand Prize at subsequent Challenges if their starting weight is more than 5% more than their ending weight at a previous Challenge. Official measurements on kickoff and closing event dates will be used to determine winners by measurement using the Inbody scale. Participants may not use or ingest any illegal substances during the Edge Challenge. Compliance with the eligibility requirements will be determined at the sole discretion of Edge Fitness, LLC and any violations of the rules will be subject to disqualification.



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