Here are some frequently asked questions!


When is the first weigh-in?

Weigh-ins begin this coming Saturday February 29th prior to the weekly workout.

I haven’t completed my initial strategy session or any of my other sessions. Can I still do this?

Yes, these are in your bank for the duration of the Edge Challenge.  These sessions expire after the Edge Challenge ends.


Can I book Edge Strong classes right from my app or the website?

Yes!  You can book these classes just as you would any other class.  On the website, click the Member Login on the upper right hand corner of the page.

I haven’t downloaded the Edge App, how do I do this?

Click here for a step by step guideline to download the Edge App.

How do I book classes on my app?

Click here for a guideline to book and cancel classes on the app.

What is a leaderboard and where do I go to find this?

For members who attended the kick-off party and weighed in, we show every other week progress for the top 20 participants in that location and company-wide here on our website.

Who is eligible to be listed on the leaderboards?

Members who attended the kick-off party and weighed in. Only members who attended the latest weigh-in will be included in the leaderboards. 

If I did not attend kick-off should I still weigh-in on Saturdays?

Absolutely!  Weigh-ins hold you accountable to achieving your goals. 

Where do I find the weekly Edge Challenge Saturday workouts for my club?

You can view these on your app. or the website under Member Login in the top right hand corner.

What are the prizes I am eligible to win?


  • $500.00
  • 8 Personal Training Sessions
  • 2 months of Edge Strong

2nd place Male & Female:

  • 2 months EDGE STRONG
  • $50.00 dotFIT voucher

3rd place Male & Female:  

  • 1 month EDGE STRONG
What are the rules for winning prizes for The Edge Challenge?

GUIDELINES - In order to qualify to win:

  1. Attend kickoff and closing parties at your club
  2. Complete your strategy session
  3. Attend at least ONE additional CLUB weigh-in
  4. Complete minimum of 3 personal training sessions
  5. Follow trainer recommendations
  6. Maintain healthy eating and hydration habits
  7. No banned or illegal substances

Please note:

You need to weigh in at least once in one of the "official" Saturday weigh-ins. Please speak with your trainer if you can not make the Saturday workout, we do the weigh-ins around those. You DO NOT have to complete a class. YOU DO need to complete your training sessions. These rules apply to win the Challenge, not completing the Challenge. If you are in this to complete and not compete, these specific rules are less important. If you want to qualify to win, these rules must be followed. These rules were covered in every kickoff presentation.


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