Road 2 Results: Angela - Week #2

Road 2 Results: Angela - Week #2

Road 2 Results: Angela - Week #2

"My goal ultimately in this is to get myself healthy.  After the kickoff night, I'm writing a goal for myself to lose 30 pounds in these next 8 weeks.  I'm not focusing on the scale but do realize that is what will help me measure my progress.  Starting weight is 296 pounds... I'm ready to do this and I'm excited for this first step.  I've met my trainer, I've met my teammates, I've met all the other people at the challenge and heard what all their goals are... people who are on their 2nd, 3rd challenge and their progress so far.  I see that as my potential.  

First Challenge workout... 7am... our entire TEAM NOAH is here... YAY!  Pedro, the personal trainer leading the workout for today, arrives and quickly gets us warmed up... some of us warm up quicker than others.  I am out of breath and sweating in just a few minutes.  If I were on my own the thought of stopping and giving up would probably win.  Thankfully I am not alone.  I have my team here with me.  If they can do it... I can too.  Here we go.  Lunge, sprint, squat, sprint, repeat.

Pedro did a great job of keeping us all motivated and focused no matter if we were working out for the first time or an Edge Strong regular.  

By the time we make it to cool down I am exhausted... but I'm feeling great about completing my first 60 minute workout without dying.  Yay me!  I was able to keep up with everyone else and feel so accomplished here.  There were so many different levels of fitness in the class so I felt motivated but also felt welcome to be a part of the group.  I finished... and I'm proud of myself."


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