Edge Kids  Schedules 6-12

Active Play/Coach’s Choice
Coaches choose their favorite ways to incorporate exercise into the day. Children may participate in tag games, scooter races, walking/running/jumping activities, teamwork challenges, large group games, speed and agility drills, or individual
strength training! Every day, coaches bring new ideas to the Edge Kids room where fitness meets fun!

Bootcamp Circuit Training
Put yourself to the test with an exercise class that mixes traditional calisthenics, body weight exercises, interval training, and strength training all in the spirit of teamwork and group support. Through encouragement and team motivation we have fun while we work out!

Explosive Power! Speed & Agility
Future athletes will improve speed and agility with this high overall fitness. 

Yoga/Balance & Strength
Children will master stabilization, strengthen and define muscles, enhance core strength, and improve flexibility, balance, and posture.

A focus on foundational skills essential for all sports including agility, speed, and coordination. We will also cover some basic techniques of the more popular sports including soccer, and basketball.

Strong to the CORE
Creative and fun individual and partner exercises will build core muscles and overall body strength. The perfect complement for any cardio sports or activities your child may be involved in. You will be amazed at how strong they have become!

TEAM Workouts
Two or more children work together through fun and dynamic activities that combine a cardio workout with body weight exercises to build strength and endurance.

Relay Races
Teamwork, endurance, and muscle development are fostered through engaging active play! Coaches facilitate strength, speed, and agility challenges within a healthy and friendly competitive atmosphere.


Download PDF of class descriptions.