Edge Kids Schedules 2-5

Active Play/Coach’s Choice
Coaches choose their favorite ways to incorporate exercise into the day. Children may participate in tag games, scooter races, walking/running/jumping activities, teamwork challenges, large group games, speed and agility drills, or individual
strength training! Every day, coaches bring new ideas to the Edge Kids room where fitness meets fun!

Hoops and ‘Chutes
Children test their physical boundaries, and extend their core motor skills using these classic pieces of equipment. Parachutes are a great way to promote teamwork, encourage cooperation, strengthen the upper torso, reinforce turn-taking/ sharing, foster an ability to follow directions, and enhance language development.

Kid’s Dance!
Your preschooler will learn basic rhythms and movement by moving and grooving to new tunes each week and Just Dance.
You can expect lots of jumping, clapping, and laughing!

Pee Wee Workout
Increase endurance and gross motor skills through a series of exciting and dynamic activities! Our ABCs workouts combine
agility and coordination with strength and balance exercises!

Yoga for Little Ones
Simple balancing poses, inversions, and partner play are incorporated with creative self-expression to help kids breathing exercises, creative imagery, and relaxation are introduced to give your child these important skills to carry with them into their busy school and social lives.

Obstacle Course Challenges
Children will be challenged to climb, run, jump, hop, skip, crawl, and navigate various surfaces! Children develop spatial and directional awareness while learning different ways of moving their body to accomplish tasks!

Superhero Workout
Our coaches lead your little superhero through a mission that culminates in a teamwork activity. Exploration of settings,
physical skills, and team-based problem-solving are woven into a storyline relevant to the age of the group.

A focus on foundational skills essential for all sports including striking, speed, and control. We will also cover some basic techniques of the more popular sports including soccer, and basketball.

Download PDF of class descriptions.