Les Mills Core™

Les Mills CORE™  incorporates a wide range of exercises for a quick and effective 30-minute workout. A mix of bodyweight exercises, resistance bands, and weighted plates will develop increased body part-specific strength. Specific body part focuses include but aren’t limited to abs, butt, legs, core, and arms. Les Mills Core™ is a workout for everyone of all fitness levels.

Benefits & What to Expect:

  • Improve posture
  • Build muscle
  • Tone & form
  • Body conditioning
  • Strength training & core training
  • Core fitness

How to Prepare for Class:

  • Eat 30 minutes before so you have energy
  • Bring water with you
  • Workout clothes and sneakers

Les Mills Core™ Instructor Advice:

"Your core is the basis for everything you do in pursuit of strength, cardio, and wellness. If you want to strengthen your core, from shoulders to hamstrings, you MUST try this class! This 30-minute functional training class is challenging but also adaptable to all fitness levels. Stand a little taller, feel a lot stronger, and you will see the difference!" - Susan Byrne, Edge Deptford & Washington Township

Les Mills Core™ is included in the Edge Fit & Edge Total memberships. Amenities vary by location. Contact your local Edge club for details.

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