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Posted by Kaitlin Bischoff on July 25, 2019

Fitness is a lifestyle and a journey. Everyone is in their own phase of their journey, everyone has room for improvement, and no one is perfect - especially when it comes to fitness! At The Edge Fitness Clubs our personal trainers often work with other personal trainers to help them meet their own fitness goals. This allows our trainers to better themselves mentally, physically, and push themselves to new fitness levels. It also allows them to connect with their own clients and be a better coach. Our personal trainers share how their own fitness journey's have made them better at helping others reach their fitness goals.

"I consider myself lucky to see milestones and goals reached in each person’s fitness journey through being a personal trainer. Whether it be a scale victory – weight loss, muscle gain, etc. – or a non-scale victory – using heavier weights, running one mile, or having to buy new clothes, I get to experience some of these feelings firsthand with my clients. Having previously experienced these “firsts” on my own, I know exactly what some of the emotions they are going through feel like. The best part is that my clients are eager to tell me about their feats and how it effects their everyday lives, the hugs, tears of joy, and wails of excitement makes every minute of their journeys count that much more to me.

On the flip side, being a training client myself, I get to experience all these emotions first hand again. I get excited about my programming every day because it means I am bettering myself mentally and physically. In turn, I can relate better to my clients because I to am going through the same processes every week. I also find myself going to my trainer when I hit new goals in the same way my clients come to me. Not only am I learning about myself during my training sessions, but I am also learning how to implement more cues and techniques to my own clients who may have similar weaknesses as I do. The best part is that I am able to learn and grow through my own fitness journey, which then allows me to help others do the same." - Taylor Fetzer, Bristol PT

"I first got into lifting weights my sophomore year in high school when I couldn’t really find my place. I met Jared Yager our Personal Trainer at school, and he told me to just “start lifting heavy things". I went from being a size double zero in women's jeans to a size six in just one year. I fell in love with the sport and became addicted to the gym. It was the place I went to have fun, clear my head, and become a better version of myself.

I stopped working with a trainer after high school and tried to learn as much as I could on my own. Nik from The Edge found me on Instagram last summer and offered me a job as a trainer. He coached me on all my cues and gave me the confidence to be able to share my knowledge and love for the gym with others. During my first few months at The Edge, while coaching my clients on the correct form and creating their workouts, I found that I started to learn from them as well. I learned that many of the small things I was teaching them I had forgotten to correct on my own. That’s when I realized I needed help from another trainer.

I had then decided I wanted to do a power-lifting meet and somehow Nik convinced me to let him be my coach. My first plan from him made me fall in love with coming the gym again. I was excited to do my program and crush all of my lifts. I also learned so many techniques from Nik that I now use everyday with my own clients.

My first meet went really well! Hitting a squat PR and placing first in my weight class was amazing. I am now training for my second meet which will be on May 4th!! This program is much harder than the first one so it gives me something that I can connect with my clients on. I make sure that their programs are challenging, but I understand what they are going through because I am working really hard and pushing my own limits in the gym as well. I also can show them that the rewards of having a great program and pushing through the program is worth all the long days, soreness, and dieting. Lastly, it helps me show my clients that everyone always has room to improve and that no one is perfect! Fitness is a lifestyle and a hobby, not a chore!" - Jenifer Tobacco

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