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The Problem With Dieting Too Often

Posted by Justin Bryant on March 14, 2021

Do you have an interesting relationship with food? Many people do.  They either eat too much or eat too little. Most people who are eating too little are doing it to lose weight. But our bodies are designed to survive,  they don’t care about defined arms or shredded abs.  Anytime you eat less and work out more, your metabolism changes, it adapts - which is completely normal. Calories = energy for your body. The fewer calories you eat, the less energy your body will burn. Our bodies adjust output to match the input.⁣
⁣So, when you're not eating enough food,  there are many functions of the body that slow down. One being your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), the calories you burn at REST just to stay alive will slow down. Your body is trying to conserve energy. 
⁣Here’s is the issue in simple terms:⁣
You’ve been dieting at 1,100 calories per day for a while and your metabolism has adapted to match the incoming calories. Now, this intake is your new maintenance. This should be very obvious that it isn't nearly enough calories to support a body’s hormonal health and can cause gut issues as well. Then add on the stress that everyday life brings and you’ve got a big problem.⁣
⁣When you aren't eating enough for chronic periods, guess what happens when you exercise. Your body starts eating into muscle, making your metabolism even slower. Then at that point the weight you may be losing is muscle and not just fat. Now guess what happens when you start eating more and more? Your metabolism has adapted to an extreme degree to be much slower, therefore making you gain weight and fat much more quickly.
⁣Then you get upset with how you start to look and you want to diet again and thus begins a vicious cycle of spending more time in a deficit than a surplus each year. Each time you diet it gets worse because your body learns quickly to drop your BMR quicker each time. So now it’s harder and harder to get the weight off.⁣ This is how so many in today’s society end up with so many hormonal and other issues and chasing every new diet trend in the market. 
Stop the madness and feed your body for longer periods than you diet or you’ll be next in line for an array of many different issues. Make sure when you are dieting you are working with an expert. If you are working out vigorously multiple times a week, make sure you are feeding your body appropriately. 
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