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Lucille's Journey to Proper Lunges & Strong Arms

Posted by Adam Spagna on February 3, 2021

Meet my client Lucille. She is a national treasure who proves that age is just a number. She’s turning 58 in about a week and out-hustles people half her age. Never a dull moment training "BIG LU" in her quest for "PRETTY ARMS AND LEAN BUM". I always find myself in stitches laughing on Thursday nights with the Lucille, the gym mom of the community.
When I first met Lucille in February 2020, her goal was to do a proper lunge. Fast forward to February 2021, she is now someone who can sumo deadlift 1.5x her bodyweight and do unassisted pull ups. The journey has been a pleasure to watch and she keeps getting better every day.
As always folks, don’t take my word for it.
“I joined The Edge in January of 2020. Like everyone else I set healthy goals for myself as my resolution. I wanted to lose 10 lbs, develop pretty arms and learn how to do a correct lunge and pushup.
I first meet Adam while taking a class which he instructed. I absolutely loved that class because of his energy and how he pushed everyone to push harder even though our brain said to stop. He would say, your brain will stop before your body will. I learned very quickly how true this statement is. I soon didn't mind being tortured in his class every Tuesday night. I actually scheduled my life around this class. I knew if I didn't put in the work I would not see results.
Then Covid-19 broke out and the gyms had to close. I was nervous because I wasn't totally 100% dedicated to my resolution yet.  Adam took me and a few others under his guidance as we meet at an outdoor track nightly for workouts or virtual workouts during inclement weather. This was when I started to see results and knew when the gyms reopened I would hire him to be my personal trainer. I wanted Adam because of his education, dedication and seriously just his personality.
I knew I made the right choice when during a workout on the TRX I looked in the mirror and I saw my first "dent" or "#prettyarm" as most people would refer to as a muscle. I was so proud of my progression and my motivation sored.
Lucille Success Story
Approximately 1 year later I have not only meet my goals, but I have surpassed them. I lost 12 lbs, can do proper lunges, pushups, box jumps and so much more. Most of all I am so proud of my "pretty arms" and I will show anyone the way to the beach...lol😂.  Adam has a long career with me because of my new goals "#prettyback" and "#leanbum"! Thanks Adam for understanding the way my brain works and for always laughing with me!” - Lucille D.
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