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Finding Your Workout Match

Posted by The Edge Fitness Clubs on June 22, 2021

Not every class type or workout is a great fit for every person. Just like our body types, what excites us about working out will be as unique as you are. Some people love running, others dread the treadmill. Some go to Zumba every single day, while others prefer Edge Strong Classes. It all boils down to passion and motivation. If you find an exercise that you truly enjoy, one that brings you closer to your goals, you'll be much more likely to stick with your fitness plan. The key is to find out what you enjoy and go from there!

The first step is to identify your goal, and then choose a workout to get you there. Check out some classes/exercises you can do to get to your goal. 

If your goal is to: 

  • Lose weight: Try cardio and strength training. Incorporate some spin classes and definitely get into our Edge Strong classes. Meet with a personal trainer for nutrition tips as well.
  • Build muscle mass: Traditional resistance training is key here. Free weights and weight machines will get you on your way to building more muscle. Again, Edge strong classes and a personal trainer combined will help you reach your goal!
    Reduce stress: Yoga and mind-body classes are for you! The combination of flowing movements and breathing exercises can help to relieve tension and promote mindfulness. Click here for more on the benefits of  Yoga.
  • Strengthen and tone the entire body: Tabata classes, Total Body Conditioning, and classes like BootCamp will be your best friend!
  • Improve your aerobic capacity: Go for power walks, head to our Edge Cinema and walk it out or start running.
  • Transition from walking to running: Check out certain apps such as the "couch to 5K app", this app is designed to help you build up to running a 5K. With this app, you can select your interactive, motivating coach, share your progress with friends, and connect to a running support community. Sign up for a local 5K. Committing to an event will make you more committed to working out and reaching that goal!
  • Ease into exercise: Try a yoga class or an Edge 101 class on Total Access+. You'll learn about the basics of specific exercises so you can feel confident when you head to the gym!

Notice a theme here? Group classes will be your best friend for any fitness goal! The trick is finding one you like that also gets you the results you're looking for. Try a variety of classes to find your favorite. Changing it up on our muscles helps to keep them working and helps you reach your fitness goals. Strength training as part of your workout is essential to building lean muscle and boosting your metabolism. Group exercise classes break you out of your workout rut and help you avoid hitting plateaus. The instructors will show you new ways to work your body in a high-energy and fun environment.  Try one of our classes today! 💪