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Cynthia's 10 Year Cancer Free Edge Celebration

Posted by The Edge Fitness Clubs on February 5, 2021

We celebrated Cynthia, a member of our Delran, NJ club who is celebrating 10 years of being cancer-free! The Edge Delran dedicated Ashley's Spinning class to her and rode with pink power! 

Keep reading to hear from Ashley, Delran Group X Instructor, and learn about Cynthia's amazing story. 

"I first met Cindy 6 years ago at my best friend's bridal shower (Cindy is her aunt). I was immediately drawn to her lively personality. She was forever nicknamed "cool aunt Cindy" after that day. Fast forward 6 years, and she comes walking into my spin class. I said, "I don't know if you remember me..." and of course she did. Cindy is awesome like that. She has this uplifting way to make you know that you are memorable and special. Since she's been attending every spin class (she makes it a priority, which is so admirable) she has graced us with her charasthma and motivation. We are truly bonded as a team and every day feels like a blessing to be surrounded by them. The Edge has brought us all together and I am so thankful to have people like Cindy in my life. It was the perfect time to be reunited with her amazing spirit. Not just me, she has lightened up the lives of so many individuals. The world needs more people like her!" - Ashley Group X Instructor

Cynthia edge delran

"As a survivor of Triple Negative Breast Cancer, I joined The Edge Fitness Club in Delran, NJ in January 2020. I was on a mission! I did not need to lose much weight (lost 10 anyway) but I needed to gain endurance, strength, tone my body while eating nutritiously. I had a goal to complete the Princess 10K run in Disney to celebrate my "10 years Cancer Free", a momentous timeline for a survivor. I'm not a "do it on my own" achiever, I get energy by giving energy in a group setting. So, I got myself a personal trainer "Vicky" who is teaching me how to strengthen correctly and fuels me with not giving in or giving up.

I have been attending Strength classes with the knowledgeable instructors 3 times a week to build up muscle. It isCynthia2 an ongoing challenge with results that happen when I stay focused on each achievement one by one. Even during the Covid-19 shutdown, The Edge Live classes and the Mindful Motivation group kept my determination and motivation going and I truly appreciated it. The next step was to build back my cardio and I bonded immediately with the most amazing group of like minded people. Ashley's Spin class was the answer! Her energy and that of all Team Ashley...got me to the level I hoped for. What better way to acknowledge my momentous 10 years than with people and an organization that has supported my efforts and goals. Together we can achieve "everything" and will support each other's goals so our perseverance doesn't falter. With an attitude of gratitude, I will strive to never lose sight of the hope and joy of what strengthens us. I am EDGE STRONG!" - Cynthia B. Edge Delran Member

Thank you Cynthia for sharing your story and allowing us to be a part of your journey. You are a true Edge warrior- congratulations on 10 years!

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