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Bryana's Success With Personal Training

Posted by Adam Spagna on February 19, 2021

“WHEN I WIN THE CHALLENGE I’m going to fill a backpack up with all the weight I lost since I started with you and carry it around for a day just to remind myself what I started from”. When she told me that at the end of our session Thursday it was a goosebump inducing moment that reminds me why I give every bit of energy and effort into what I do. Meet my client Bryana. 
Where she started: a blank canvas. Minimal workout knowledge, she just knew she couldn’t do it alone, wanted help, and was ENTIRELY READY to make a commitment. She admitted she had a lot working against her outside of the gym, including a medical condition that made it very difficult to lose weight. She went in head first, did everything different, kept a positive attitude throughout it, and made her health the most important priority in her life. And guess what?  After barely one month of being with me has dropped over 17lbs. I expect this Winter Edge Challenge to be absolutely life changing for her and I’m thrilled I get to be along for the ride.
But, (say it with me) don’t take my word for it!
“Before coming to The Edge I felt defeated... I’ve tried losing weight so many times before with soccer, kickboxing, and going to the gym on my own,  but I always struggled to drop the weight. I was always stress eating and struggle with PCOS making it nearly impossible for me to find a plan that works for me. I had little to no confidence and was very depressed. I was beginning to think that losing the weight just wasn’t going to happen.
On January 7, 2021 I went to The Edge for the first time and met with Adam. I told him exactly how I felt and how much weight I wanted to lose and he told me he would love to help me get there. I was thrilled. My goal is to get my weight down to 130-140 pounds and my starting weight was 214.4 pounds. I am now 5 weeks into this amazing journey and I am weighing in at 198.6 pounds! One HUGE milestone! By the end of my journey I want to be able to put ALL the weight that I lost in a backpack and walk two miles to remind myself of the weight my body was carrying at my heaviest and to remind me of all of the progress I made. I cannot wait to see what this journey has in store for me. This is just one milestone of MANY to come. Thank you Adam for being my support and believing in me before I even believed in myself.  All of the help with my diet and workouts as well as the AMAZING gym environment has gave me hope again!” -Bryana, Personal Training Client
Says it all right there. Who’s ready to change their life, fall in love with fitness, and FEEL their best? Come visit me at The Warwick Edge and let's get after it!