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Better Together

Posted by The Edge Fitness Clubs on February 8, 2022

Research shows that there are in fact benefits from working out together! These benefits include more efficient workouts, happier relationships with your workout partner, & a higher likelihood of achieving your fitness goals. The mere presence of someone else affects your ability to do an activity. And let's face it, working out is simply more fun with someone by our side! We love when members and instructors submit inspiring stories with their workout buddies! These ones came in just in time for LOVE week at The Edge and Valentine's Day!

"Katie and I met in college and quickly realized we were going to become best friends. At the time, my only method of exercising was running as I was always too nervous to venture out into the weight area or classes. At the time, exercise wasn’t a part of Katie’s lifestyle.  After some convincing, I got Katie to agree to train for a 5k run with me. She quickly realized the positive effects of exercise and began to branch out to other areas: starting with group exercise classes and moving up to powerlifting and bodybuilding! Her willingness to try new things inspired me to try group classes, which led to becoming a certified group fitness instructor and Les Mills BodyPump, BodyCombat, and Bodystep instructor. We’ve taken our love for fitness and been able to share it with others. Without Katie, I likely would not have ever tried a group fitness class, and without me, who knows how long it would have taken Katie to find her love for exercise! While we have different physiques and different fitness goals, our love for fitness has brought us closer!" -Shannon, Group X Instructor




Brooke and Conor met at The Edge and now Conor is a personal trainer! They love motivating each other and staying fit together! - The Edge Meriden





"Megan and I met while taking Edge Strong Classes. We both train with William Hanna at Washington Township. Megan And we both keep each other encouraged to stay on track with our fitness goals. We continue to hold each other accountable with text messages about coming to Edge Strong classes. We're doing another Edge Challenge this winter, and we're always pushing each other to be better versions of ourselves.  We have our trainer, Will, to thank as he was the one who introduced us by pairing us together in one of our first classes!" 










"I was a class participant turned instructor. There are a number of instructor friends that contributed to this, but my closest one is Monica Saunders. I absolutely loved her spin classes! The music, the motivation, the atmosphere… it was something I looked forward to every time she taught! We eventually became friends, and she invited me to go to a spin training with her knowing how much I loved to spin. Two years ago in January I became certified to teach spin! I’ve been teaching in Deptford a little over a year now, and really have her to thank for getting me started with teaching spin. She’s my mentor, my role model, my advisor, but most of all my friend!" - Rebecca