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An Edge Group X Instructor's Edge Challenge Journey

Posted by The Edge Fitness Clubs on December 12, 2019

One of the top winners of our Fall 2019 Edge Challenge was not just one of our beloved members, it was one of our beloved employees. Meet Tina! Tina’s story is one of constantly progressing and through her evolution, she inspires us all.

Tina discovered group fitness as a child and by the time she was a teenager she was lifting weights. With an interest in professional female bodybuilders, Tina designed intricate workouts for herself in her college weight room.

Though fitness remained a part of her life, Tina went on to work a corporate job as Treasurer for Ames Department Stores, and then, showing another type of strength and dedication, Tina home-schooled her two children.

In the Summer of 2010, Tina tried a new type of exercise class which awakened in her a passion that would in turn become her new career.

“I took my first Les Mills class, BODYCOMBAT, and was immediately "hooked.” I soon came to love a variety of Les Mills classes. Other members often told me I should become an instructor. I would have never imagined being able to do that. But one day an instructor invited members onto the stage. Just two of us were brave enough to go up and “shadow” him. It was such a rush! I loved it! Very soon after that, I heard about a BODYPUMP certification training. I had no idea if I would be successful at it, but I went for it! My goal was to share the passion I have for BODYPUMP with others in hopes that feeling would be infectious and they too would love the workout! I’ve since gotten certified in Les Mills CXWORX, BODYCOMBAT, and RPM, as well as Schwinn Indoor Cycling.”

Tina reached out to The Edge because she saw that we were bringing on Les Mills classes into our clubs. Tina is a mainstay whose classes are always filled because of her authentically effusive and engaged instruction. She doesn’t just lead a class, she lives the class!

Tina inspires us by sharing in our struggles as well. Her weight had fluctuated before and recently she hit a high of weight and a low of spirit. “I started to get to the point that, other than going to work, where I stand back to a mirror and can shift my focus away from myself and onto a room full of others, I didn’t want to go anywhere. I was mentally ready to regain control of my life and thought the Edge Challenge could be the perfect jump start to do that!”

Tina announced her participation to all of her classes, not only to invite them to join the Edge Challenge, but for her own accountability. An incredibly heroic and bold step!

By the end of the challenge, Tina lost 25 pounds and felt a sense of peace and control in her life that she felt had been lacking. Meal preparation instead of food on the run, being mindful instead of always rushed, and making time for herself, including taking classes as a participant, were the big GAINS of the Edge Challenge. Tina would like to thank her family and friends, her Personal Trainer and Coach, Kevin, as well as the many other Personal Trainers, staff, management, and fellow participants, at the Hamden and Bristol Edge.

Tina selflessly explains “I knew going into the Edge Challenge that I wouldn’t be eligible to win any prizes.” We are hoping the greatest prize of all is she can turn toward the mirror now with her head held high and see all of us behind her cheering!

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