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5 Minute Circuit You Can Do Anywhere

Posted by Susan Byrne on July 22, 2021

On the go and need a quick sweat? Check out Susan's "5 minutes on the go workout"!  You can take this workout outdoors, on vacation, or on the turf! No equipment is required! All you need is some water and your own body weight. MORE workouts like this one on Edge Total Access+, our online workout hub! 

Click here to watch Susan and do the workout with her!


1. One minute of cardio as a warm-up.  Jog in place, run, high knees, or jumping jacks. Modify as you need. But make sure you fire up that heart rate and warm up your muscles. 

2. Take it down to some squats. Sit your butt back and keep your chest up. Then move into a squat jump. 

3. Take it to the floor and get in 45 seconds of push-ups! Modify as you need. 

4. Let's move on to lunges! Start with regular and then move into jumping lunges for 45 seconds. 

5. Lastly, back to the ground for some mountain climbers, embrace the core, and put it all together.

There you go, just 5 minutes of work! Repeat for as much time as you have to get your cardio workout in on the go!

Susan 5 min workout