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5 Members Who Crushed Their Goals This Month

Posted by The Edge Fitness Clubs on August 17, 2022

We asked you all to share your personal records and recent experiences with us- you answered! Check out these 5 Edge members with inspiring stories and accomplishments we are so proud of!

Delran Test









Meghan- Delran, NJ

Meghan has worked hard with her trainer, Victoria to reach her goals. She has lost 60 pounds, put on lean muscle and has maintained it for over 2 years! Congratulations, Meghan on your incredible journey thus far!


Deadlift PR











Kevin & Chris- Farmington Hills, MI

Cousins, Kevin & Chris both hit their deadlift goal and set a NEW PERSONAL RECORD, both hitting 315 pounds! They've been working with James, their Personal Trainer for about 5 months and are seeing amazing results! Keep up the great work!










Nilsa- Orange, CT

"I have been on blood pressure meds for about 12 years now, and in February 2022 I was at my max weight! I decided it was time to take back control of me. I started taking classes at The Edge and joined Weight Watchers.  I decided to try Kate's Barre class in Orange.  Since I loved her personality and the manner she taught the class, I also started taking her Zumba Toning, and fell in love with the class.  I began exploring other formats and now take Total Body Conditioning with Merrin and BODYPUMP with Kate. As of 8/8/22 I have now lost a total of 49 lbs! I am 11 lbs away from my total weight loss goal and one more pill away from being completely off the blood pressure meds.  

My why, was to get off the meds. But seeing how the classes and WW have helped me shed the extra weight, I have made a commitment to myself that I must continue the classes 4 times per week.  I love the classes! Kudos to Kate and Merrin for making the classes fun but challenging that it keeps me going back!"


warren matt







Matt- Warren, MI

Matt has been working hard for the past 8 weeks, and it shows! Kudos to you for taking the first steps towards a better version of yourself, Matt! Check out his accomplishments:

  • Lost 3 pounds
  • Gained 2 pounds of muscle 
  • Lost 3% body fat
  • Added 20 pounds to his Bench Press
  • Added 10 pounds to his Squat
  • Added 40 pounds to his Deadlift

Westland MI








Dominique- Westland, MI

"My client, Dominique, recently hit a huge squat personal record of 225 lbs for 3 reps! I am extremely proud of her progress and I know there will be more personal records coming in the near future for her!"  - Marc S., Trainer at The Edge Westland