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Here's a Little History

In 1988, Vin Sansone started working on the dream he had since he was a boy. Vin’s dream was to own a gym and that is exactly what he did. Grabbing his family and friends as supporters, the Fitness Edge started coming to life. Years after multiple clubs were open, the name was changed to The Edge Fitness Clubs as it is today. The company’s mission was to provide a beautiful club where members can have a great workout. That has and always will be the #1 goal no matter how much The Edge Fitness Clubs grows. Edge locations opened all along the Connecticut shoreline in Fairfield County to start. In 2017, with 13 clubs in Connecticut, The Edge announced its’ expansion into the Greater Philadelphia market. As The Edge continues to open clubs along the East Coast and Midwest, the passion and focus on the member will always be most important.

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